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Important - old user names


St Helens RLFC

For those of us who have been here a while and have changed user names in that time, you may notice that your user name has reverted back to the one that you originally chose when you first joined the forum.

Sorry about that, IVP gave the option to have 2 user names and it's reverted to the old one. Some of you may be given your old username when you retrieve your password. If that happens, shout up on here and we will manually make that change for you.

Yeah, I'd like my original name: "Sir. Speedy" back. Thanks in advance.
Can you change me back to King_D'Arcy? Changed back to Croker07 when I changed my password
yeah i want my old 'sasnoz' name back i dont know how its named squirrell, i had a short term ban and when i logged on again i was squirrell
No you're not. 2 Different accounts. I checked.

Good effort though.
well how did i get this second account? i cant access my old one
and why is the sig gone is there no religion allowed on the forum?

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