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Handling in the Ruck


Mr. Laxative

I usually handle in the ruck when under pressure instead of defending my line. Most times i am successful. I handle as soon as the player goes to ground and the ref doesn't spot it. However if im a split second out with timin i go to bin. Has anybody else used this often? does it work for u?
i use it when im ****** during world league

it works better on multiplayer for some reason
found it works best in the one-on-one driving tackle, just as they hit the deck. works really well if a runner is thru on your full-back.
I found that when setting up for a set play, while the indicator is flashing on its way to green, the computer is likely to put their hands in the ruck and they're always successful as long as you're still setting up your set piece.

This sucks! It's put me off even attempting set plays.
That's right. You are more likely to get green flash if u select sooner rather than later.

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