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Help with scrums



I need some help with the scrum. Whenever I'm defending the scrum I can never win the ball and also find it very hard to wheel the scrum.

Even when I use my edited Irish pack(scrummaging stats 100) I still get pushed back.

Any tips?
For rugby 08 i assume? I wouldnt know, but maybe it's in the stats that needs changing. If you used the editor, then you might have to tick the scrummager skill for all of them. I do and i find the game is good and fair (i get good shove and also get shoved equally) on my rugby 06.
There's no special way to do it in Rugby 08 but the most sucessful method I use is pushing before the balls put in and as soon as it touches the ground try to screw the scrum while hooking the ball at the same time. Doesn't always work but comes off probly 50% of the time.

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