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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Trev@Swordfish, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Just saw the post about Hip Corporate going bust in Canada. Yup, that caused me lots of issues.

    Ironically Hip Europe went into receivership in December ie. they went bankrupt too. That caused me even more problems and ultimately caused the delays in shipping the game.

    I cannot really talk about this too much as there is a lot of legal stuff flying about, but what remains of Hip and Ubisoft have worked really hard to make sure this game ships. It's been a hard slog but I do think we're through it now.

    I really hope people like this game - getting it to market has knocked 15 years off my life!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Bro.....we really appreciate the effort you have been putting in..........like really....

    ....big ups for the little guy in the gaming market.....you people at Swordfish have really been excellent doing your best.....thats all the gaming community could hope for.....

    .....From the reviews of Knowsleyroader......I am sure this game will definitely be good [​IMG]
  4. Coco

    Coco Guest

    Yeah Trev it's really good of you guys at Swordfish to just keep trying agains the really big companies like EA. They just turn out the same stuff each year and hope they have enough followers to buy their crap. I mean look at EA Cricket 2005 - what a joke! BLIC was such a superior game, I even thought the graphics were better on BLIC than EAs. Keep up the good work Trev and the rest of the Swordfish crew.

    Oh and I just want to get this right:
    Swordfish are developers right
    Ubisoft are publishers right
    Hip Games - what exactly did they do?

  5. I can only echo what the others have said, but it's really appreciated.

    Swordfish have done well with this cosidering all the harships and it's great that they've taken the time to the rugby fans and those who play the game so we're getting what we want.

    I've orderd my copy from play.com and I'm looking forward to playing it.
  6. TheBokke

    TheBokke Guest

    Trev as always you will be getting my order.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up Trev, much appreciated.
  8. hahahaha, only noticed that now - your a legend! [​IMG]
  9. trev..gay guy loves you!!!....

    i like u ...youre ok!..gud luck wit getting this game out..coz if it doesnt release in new zealand in less than 2weeks...sheep will die!!!
  10. gjohn85

    gjohn85 Guest

    Don't lie, u love him too!

    I cannot wait until it comes out! (not Chiro coming out of the closet [​IMG])

    Roll on the release date.
  11. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    just wondering will RC2006 be the last installment?
    btw i love chocolate
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well it could be it may not be. the decision is out of their hands since being aquired by viviendi. we can only hope that they do make mor sports games as they are good at it.

    Thanks again trev for keeping us all posted on the situation. hopefully better times are ahead with vividendi and that rc2006 will release soon.
  13. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    All members of this forum with a disposable income should purchase at least three copies of this to give sales a boost, and help towards a sequel. Hopefully its just so good that it will sell like hot cakes all by itself.

    Good to see your alive and posting esoj!
  14. Coco

    Coco Guest

    As much as I would love to buy three copies of exactly the same game on exactly the same console, I really don't have the expendable income rquired to do this. Sorry guys.

    GO RC2006!!!

  15. Radman

    Radman Guest

    It seems pretty obvious that this game is all about gameplay, which is great as the graphics are not quite where we would expect them to be so close to the end of the current gen consoles, hopefully this game can play very well so the graphics don't matter and hopefully this will be a Rugby game finally worth buying as I have no faith in EA after all of the chances they have had and blown imo.
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