Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by poopiepeople, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. poopiepeople

    poopiepeople Guest

    Does anyone like/love Hockey here?
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  3. goranski

    goranski Guest


    i live outside of St. Louis and have been following the Blues for some time, getting ready to move to the DC area now and hoping to catch a few Caps games and see "Alexander the Great" Ovechkin

    i also dabble a bit in fantasy hockey
  4. Vossy

    Vossy Guest

    Yep! My brothers and I got hooked about 10 years ago during our first trip to New York and I've turned into a huge Rangers fan.

    We've got tickets to the Ducks/Kings game in London next month. :bana:
  5. melon

    melon Guest

    Whenever I see one of the Mighty Duck movies or venture to an ice skating arena/stadium/rink I always have an urge to get a stick in my hand and a puck! And I also have a yearning to watch a proper game!
  6. esoj

    esoj Guest

    got interested in it in nz watching it on tv until espen lost the rights and basically didn't show it in nz anymore. aus seems to be pretty good with sports coverage so maybe I might get to see a bit more of it over here.
  7. Vossy

    Vossy Guest

    Gary Bettman sold the broadcasting rights to a really obscure TV network and subsequently the viewership was reduced. Luckily the UK has a US Sports dedicated channel on cable that shows games almost every night no matter what channel the coverage is on. I think the Rangers had about 25-30 regular season games televised last year in the UK.
  8. goranski

    goranski Guest

    you probably have better NHL coverage than I do

    i only get local games
  9. Vossy

    Vossy Guest

    I get that impression too. Although I have no idea how American cable operates, many fans on the hockey forums complain that Bettman has limited the viewership by going to Versus. From looking at the way he has run the NHL in the time I've been a fan, I've come to the conclusion the guys a complete tool and should be removed asap. He's not even a hockey fan, just an NBA reject, and it shows.
  10. goranski

    goranski Guest

    Buttman is ridiculous - he needs to go...his meddling with the failing Nashville franchise and refusal to let the team be sold and moved to Canada was one of the most unsound business decisions ever witnessed in sports

    it's also his fault that hockey doesn't have a decent broadcasting deal

    although ESPN's attitude sucks when it comes to hockey ever since they lost the rights - they don't respect the sport at all and have given up on it - hardly show any highlights and still try to pass themselves off as being a sports journalism organization
  11. Vossy

    Vossy Guest

    Even giving consideration to the Penguins moving to Kansas City should have facilitated his removal from office. Do people in Kansas really give a **** about hockey? They may fill an arena to begin with but to sustain it in that part of the States would take a huge effort.

    Surely giving franchises back to Winnipeg, Hartford and Quebec would generate much more revenue and interest in the NHL than sticking failing franchises in unlikely regions, which is basically what his mission has been from the very beginning.

    I think the simple factors are:

    1) He's an idiot
    2) He hates Canada
    3) He hates hockey

    If he was in charge of a big city firm, instead of the NHL, he would not have been allowed to oversee falling revenues, stupid rule changes and THREE lockouts and still keep his job. :wall:
  12. T1nmaN

    T1nmaN Guest

    Heck ya!
    The 'nucks just unveiled their new unis yesterday!
    Woot! Woot!
  13. USrugby

    USrugby Guest

    IM a HUUUUGE Hockey fan ...been to a couple of games here at the Bank Atlantic Center where my local team Florida Panthers play, saw them last season vs Buffalo and eventual Stanley Cup finalists Ottawa Senators...hope to go to a couple more games this season....

    and T1, your a Vancouver fan, i was cheering for them in the playoffs, Luongo use to be our main man here in Florida, but all is fogotten cuz we now have VOKOUN!!! FEAR VOKOUN!! FOR HE SHALL BE A WALL!!! ; )
  14. T1nmaN

    T1nmaN Guest

    Florida! Ugggh!
    We ship all our garbage down to you guys...
    Bure, Bertuzzi, etc....
    The only decent guy we sent you was Auld...

    Not a knock on you or your town man, just your team there.........

  15. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    I played Hockey for 6 years here in NZ, and still follow it like I follow Rugby.

    The Habs are my favourite team by miles. Koivu and Kovalev feckin rule
  16. Sure i am a hockey fan .... for years .... i support The Dallas Stars , if you guys want, i can keep you up with the NHL news, scores, international games, etc etc etc ---> hockey is my life :D
  17. alcfof

    alcfof Guest

    I love this sport and i'm a fan of Pinguins and Canadians
  18. bruno

    bruno Guest

    I prefer Roller Hockey, especialy the international matches. It's a fairly big sport here in Portugal.

    Regarding Ice Hockey, I only followed one Stanley Cup final, between the A. Ducks and the NJ Devils. Didn't made me a fan of the sport... Ea Sports NHL used to be a lot of fun thought... :p
  19. bkz

    bkz Guest

    I love hockey. I played for 13 years..played all four years in high school, played a tournament in London, Ontario.

    I played half a season of AAA with the Chicago Mission and quit. I didn't like the fact that I was traveling so much to play ice hockey. Now I picked up rugby and it's great! But hockey will always be number one in my heart.

    Have any of you been up to Eagle River, Wisconsin for the Pond Hockey Classic?? Tents with kegs full of beer and 4-on-4 pond hockey? It's f***ing sweet.

    Anyways, it's in Superior, WI this year.
  20. goranski

    goranski Guest

    we've attempted this in the past but it looks like we've got a bit more interest now - just wondering if anyone is interested in starting up or reviving the old NHL thread....i've been watching the preseason so far a bit here with the capitals in DC

    well nevertheless i might start a thread anyway...
  21. jcd38

    jcd38 Guest

    any flyers fans?
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