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right exscuse my ignorance here, but wtf is a hostel. when i go to munich im going to be staying in one i think cos apparently thats the cheapest way,but wt is it? its not like some scrubby place where u sleep on the floor isit?

nd is it generally the cheapest way!??

Hostels are the best way to go for those who love to travel, but don't have the cash to splash on 5 star accomodation.

Yes, you get a bed, but you also get to meet lots of like-minded people. They are a backpacker's paradise. Stayed in a few before, and while they aren't the Ritz, they are generally clean, hygenic and fun places to be.
yeah man!! hopefully well get to share a room with some hot italian or russian girls... who dont wnt to sell us to some guy whus gunna tie us in some chair and cut us apart!!

o0o thnks for that!!

just one more thing, is there like curfews on hostels? like do we have to be back in at certain times?
just one more thing, is there like curfews on hostels? like do we have to be back in at certain times? [/b]

Very much depends on the place I presume. Generally not to my knowledge - I think most places just lock up the main entrance at a certain time, so as long as you have your keys on you then you're ok.

But I obviously can't speak for each individual place.
I was actually searching up hostels the other day to plan for my trip around the joint next year and saw a hostel in Liverpool I think it was that had a complaint from a past client on it saying something along the lines of 'doubles as a brothel, beware' and the next comment saying 'a very nice 'sleep'.....is that what they mean by 'mixed dorms' over there? :p
Dorms are a good way of saving cash but can be a bit annoying, nothing worse than trying to bloke out the noise & motion of people shagging in the bunk below you. It's also quite astounding how loud some people can snore....When I do my voluntary work I sleep in a ten bed dorm and I am one of the youngest workers so when I get in the other 9 blokes are cataclysmicly loud, at some point it feels like these sleep-on-their-back freaks are going into resonance and the building is going to collapse.
o0o came, so what happens if i meet a lady freind out there.... well thts gunna be a given cos im meetin lisa out there, lol this is soooo like eurotrip.... and i am soooo lame... anyways as i was saying, me nd lis will prob want to head back in the evening for a bit of the "other" will the hostel workers go f***ing apeshit, or am i loud to smuggle ppl in... its no biggie we'll go to her HOTEl if worse comes to worse.
I was in a hostel in Verona and wasn´t good enough. Does anybody knows a great one there?

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