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This last episode of house which just finished sure was a good one, but whats making me ****** off is that the next new one airs in 3 Weeks time, and this recent episode took 3 Weeks to air.. its ******* me off 2 episodes in 6 Weeks?

I just don't see the logic behind it, but so far this season of House has been excellent, f***ing tritter.

I know theres some more House fans on here, are they doing the same wherever you live, with the 1 episode every 3 weeks thing?
They do that here as well. We usually get the US drama imports before any other European countries but the downside is that we then run out of episodes when there's such a break in the US hence we then get a break as well, used to hate that with the West Wing, thankfully though *REMOVED* made that problem a little more bearable.
Series 1 & 2 ran an episode a week here, but series 3 hasn't started yet.

So no spoilers please.

As a slight sidenote - Best. Show. Ever.
yeah i am loving it, we havnt even come close to season 3 here so far. but i have been loving it :) cant wait for the next episode.

that guy is a w*****, it has given the show a different edge :)
Thats why you should convert to watching THE O.C new episode every week LOL and theres only 3 episodes left before its done.
I got up to episode 6 on the net then the source went down!


This series is so good. I'm gutted, don't even know when it starts in the UK at the moment.
Never seen a whole episode, but watched a bit of one once and all i could think of was Jeeves and Wooster.
But with a very deep voice and strange accent.
last nights was pretty good with the gypsies and all you'll enjoy it SFW for sure.
i look forward to watchiing that one in the next day or 2 :)

still got an episode of heroes to watch