how to dummy pass?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by soto14, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. soto14

    soto14 Guest

    How do you doa dummy pass in Rugby08?
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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    push the left/right pass buttons quickly
  4. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    it's really hard to do :(
  5. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Learn it is THE most significant move to learn for multiplayer. It opens up a whole new world with moves such as the instant takeoff, the sharp sidestep, the twirl, the line cut...these moves being the difference when playing a very good player. This is because the dummy is an animation cancelling technique.
  6. Thingimubob

    Thingimubob Guest

    last time I tried a dummy pass, it just mucked up completetly and my fly half lobbed a massive forward pass instead. Can't seem to get the hang of it.
  7. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    Best thing to do is just go to the practice and try it out in there and once you got it sussed there than try it in a game.
  8. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    as i have no friends that play computer games involving sport and know anything remote about rugby union, i'll never get the chance to play multiplayer.

    does the dummy pass fool the computer ai?
  9. candybum

    candybum Guest

    It does sometimes depending on who the ball carrier is (i think). When you perform the 'dummy pass' you'll see the cpu head off to the direction of the 'dummied pass'... = SOLD lol
  10. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I've been trying to dummy pass since Rugby04 and maybe it's easier on computer, but it's bloody damn near impossible on my PS2.

    It annoys me too because there's so many awesome try scoring opportunities I've missed because I couldn't dummy.

    Either the player does absolutely nothing, or they pass it. No dummy.
  11. candybum

    candybum Guest

    maybe don't press left pass and right pass instantaneously, but like a quarter second? lol like a 1.. 2 jab
  12. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    i find it just passes in the direction of the last button i press... i will hit the training track and see if i can hone my skills :)
  13. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    It shouldn't be different on a PC joypad as it is on a console version.

    Basically, as you are running toward a player, press the pass button, then press the opposite pass button quickly after. I'm not sure it if works easier, but what i tend to do is run with pass held down, ready to offload but if their is not offload, then quickly tap the other pass button and you will dummy.
  14. I find it very easy on the ps2.
  15. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I'll try it out in practice but it just seems because I have to push the buttons down firmly on the ps2 controller I can never get the result I want...

    To be continued...
  16. xusky

    xusky Guest

    I wish the animation for dummy was alot better, they have the opportunity to be really awesome. When they do come off its pretty sick though I must admit, especially when the computer dives the oppisite way ahaha! fede!
  17. chingnow

    chingnow Guest

    i have rugby 08 on comp and its like impossible to do it but then
    i think is the first rugby released in 2000? is much easier haha
  18. blougeorge

    blougeorge Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (chingnow @ Aug 21 2008, 02:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    I also have it on PC, but find it easy to dummy
  19. lick

    lick Guest

    it's quite simple to do so but totally useless against the coomputer...
  20. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    No, it works very well against the computer. There is several ways to dummy.. i find it's controlled by the speed you push the 2nd button. I always run with the ball with pass held down if i'm isolated on a run, so i can make a looped pass if need be.

    If you press the 2nd button, it will dummy to the speed that you push it. Try delaying it, and you will find that the player will offer out the ball as so to offload it.. and then pull it back in as so to 'drag' the dummy back. This draws the defender and gives you a slight edge by putting him off balance. What i really wish is that there was at least 2 other types of step.. one that is Delasau-esque and the other as a spin out of a tackle, Rokocoko style.

    I will try and see if i can adjust the animations. Who knows what can be activated in this game!
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