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How to modify .BAG files


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Jul 12, 2008

I'm currently playing World Championship Rugby (WCR) on PC and I've noticed that in the game data, it's all very clearly ***led and looks editable.

I really enjoy this game as it's a fresh change from Rugby 08, whilst providing a nice blast from the past with the early 2000s rosters. It's design of the England team is brilliant. Wilkinson's kicking style in this game is possibly the best in any rugby video game in which he is included.

I wish to be able to edit the starting lineups etc. in the game as it's only possible to make substitutions after starting a match (e.g. Dan Carter starting at 10 for NZ, regularly change up the England 2003 back 3 e.g. Josh Lewsey sometimes at 11 and Jason Robinson sometimes at 15). I'm also wondering if it's possible to change the preferred goalkicking foot of players (e.g. DC, again, left-footed goalkicking).

There are a couple of others edits I'd want done but based on the data, the aforementioned intended edits I want to get done look more feasible. Please see the attached images below.



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