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I think my 360 is bust!



Hey there, um i was wondering if someone had any advise or knowledge on this. um i've had my 360 for well over a year and a half, almost 2 years. but recently its started freezing (not a one off, its doing it every single time!) of and not allowing me to play. I've also had the "infamous!" red ring of death. i think my warantee has expired although i thought it had a three year warantee!! i hope i don't have to pay to get it fixed, or even worse buy a new one. any advise would be much appreciated!! thanks!
Microsoft recently extended the warranty on 360's - as long as its related to any red ring of death shenanigans.

Fortunately (and believe me, this will probably be the only time i'll say "fortunately" to this) it sounds like your problems are the early symptoms of what becomes RRoD. I should know, it sounds like the symptoms I went through that resulted in me having to get it sent off for repairs.

The best thing you can do is ring up Xbox Support. You'll probably need the serial number off the back of your 360. If they determine it to be red ring related (which they should by the sounds of things), they'll give you a number. If you bought it in a shop and still hold the reciept, box the 360 up, take it back to the shop, explain the situation and give them the return number you got from Xbox Support. They should give you a replacement there and then. Depends on the shop really. Also, remember to take off the hard drive before you take it back. You wouldnt want to lose all your saves now, would you?

If you bought it over the Internet, or they refuse to take it back, you'll have to send it back to Microsoft. Fortunately, they will pay for UPS delivery and have someone come and pick it up. Again, all you have to do is box it up (sans hard drive, obviously) and apply the appropriate labels. Alas, the turnaround time on this is "up to 25 working days" - 5 weeks basically. And, based on personal experience, it took me 5 weeks to get it back.

I think that about covers everything. If there's anything else I can dispense my sagely advice upon for you, please feel free to reply to this.
I would have thought so. I suspect that falls under illegal modifications that invalidate your warranty.
thanks for the reply. i think ringing microsoft is gonna be best option, cause it was bought for xmas from argos, in xmas of 2005, so chances are my dad has lost the receipt. 5 weeks, damn!!!! haha. oh well! thanks for replying.
My 360 had the 3 Rings of death. I was experiencing the console freezing during playing games. I went to turn on the 360 the other day & I got 3 flashing rings of death.

If you get the RROD, check that it is definitely the console before you ring Microsoft. Make sure the the leads are inserted correctly. Next try removing the hard drive then turn on the console. If its not working still, turn on the console & check the colour of the LED on the power supply. If the LED is RED this usually means that the power supply may be the fault.

When you ring Microsoft you will need the serial number (which located at the back of the 360). Explain your problem, they will say that it will need to be repaired. They will send you a shipping label (either by email or post) which will include a telephone number to a courier, most likely UPS. Ring UPS & say you got a parcel to be collected & they will collect for you.

Microsoft only needs the console itself, so if you got a hard drive, remove it (as well as the leads). It should take around 15 business days to be repaired & returned.

My console is currently being repaired & it's all done for free. Microsoft has extended the warranty to 3 years. My console was made in 2005, so I'm still covered (The date of the console is printed on the back on the 360).
just arranged for the 360 to be fixed by microsoft, they were very helpful and its pretty much sorted now. All i have to do is arrange for the corrier service to pick it up now. 15 working days and its fixed, i hope!!! Thanks for everyones help, much appreciated!
Listen to Master Pain

i got mine back and fixed - no issues so far - its quieter too
Oh, thanks Zonerunner! Brilliant advice Zonerunner! You da man Zonerunner!

:wah: I feel so unloved! :cryy:
hey c'mon i did say thank you. Its all been arranged now thanks to your help!! hopefully now 2 and a bit weeks, back to 360 world!!
hey c'mon i did say thank you. Its all been arranged now thanks to your help!! hopefully now 2 and a bit weeks, back to 360 world!! [/b]
Now I feel sooo unloved! :cryy:

when gears of war came out last year i had about 10 hours blasting out.. went to turn on next morning.. 3 rings of death.....yah bit-h! microsoft at the time only had a three month warranty for 360's.... was so furious and enranged went down 2 kmart brought a new 360.. took it home carefully tried to open box without damaging the warranty void sticker... somehow managed to get the new console out and the bust one back in....was elated but by this time the rage had faded and was starting to **** myself wether i should take it back.... in the end thought f--- it... took the f----d console in the new box back to kmart return desk... girl at counter said it should be no problem but she had to get the guy from electronics dept. 2 check thru the serial numbers.... my ring hole started to expand... elec. dept. rung thru and said too busy to come to the front... so the girl jus checked if the warranty void sticker was ok and handed me back my $620... fu-k yeah stuck it 2 old billy gates at the expense of poor old k mart.... huge apologies to whoever got that box xoxoxox...... i play regularly on live so if they wanted to track the serial number down they probably would have done so by now..... but the 3 rings of death has become such a farce i really dont think they would give a sh--
Hahaha, that has to be the most cunningest of ruses I have ever heard, you should apply to be an undercover cop my friend, cool under pressure....

A little tip, 10 hours of gaming is bad news, moderation is the key to avoiding the RROD...
haha. still waiting for mine to come back. must be about two weeks or so i've been waiting now!! withrawl symptoms are kicking in!! haha

actually just checked my calender, its actually more like a month, aarrrggghhh!! i wanna play my fifa 08, :(:(
actually i'm wrong, its arrived. My nabour got it delivered to their house. awsome!! Totally new one, and complimantary 1 month to xbox live gold!! kick ass. gonna get my ass wipped by a bunch of americans now then on madden 08!!! yay! :D wot a nerd i am!

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