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i would like a banner for a site i am creating

i will have a go at one for you. Any ideas on the dimensions, colour, logo's etc??
colour maybe a purple (sisters fav color) and trf blue might be good cause i like it. other than that go wild :) maybe around the same lengths as the trf logo
What do you think of the banner I done for Jacko? Is that the sort of style that you want?
yeah i actually thought that was pretty damn cool, the last one, just different colors though :)
How's this?


I can change anything on it if you want.
that looks pretty cool, just probably a bit to much like jackos one, i wouldnt want to look like his, someone might think i am affiliated with his site lol
something without posts i guess, as its not just about rugby lol.

its mainly trading cards if that helps, but not just sports, just about anything.

i really dont have a clue.
thats pretty cool, ill use that for now, but i think we could change the $$$ to some cards fanned out on each side. ill get her to scan some in, but that is pretty cool :)

+ rep 4 u :)
Right, I have included the boarder as DC told me about in the other thread (Jacko's Banner) & I have replaced the $ for fanned cards I found on the net (Star Trek ones I believe)


What do you think, better or worse?

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