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Had to stare someone down at a red light

Max Power

Academy Player
Aug 3, 2022
Was adjusting my car radio at at a red light.

Light turned green but I guess I didn't move the exact second it did.

Car behind me lays into his horn as loud as possible (not a quick polite courtesy beep to tell you to go).

Look at guy in rearview mirror and he's shaking his head.

I change lanes to let him pass.

Pull up next to him at next red light and turn to stare right at him while we're waiting at the red light.

Guy was staring ahead looking all shook as if he didn't dare look in my direction.

Comical how he looked as if he was frozen in place looking straight ahead gripping his steering wheel.

Done this a few times when people have beeped loudly and all of them have beta'd out in the same manner.

It's as the saying goes, the tougher the guy acts behind the wheel the bigger of a beta he is in reality.
Cant wait for post number 3 from this guy for him to over compensate on how much of an alpha man he is....Sure he isnt just some weedy kid.

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