IF you own a PS2 AND an Xbox...

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by locksley, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. locksley

    locksley Guest

    Get the Xbox version. It's AWESOME!!!!

    I played it today for the first time at Knowsleyroaders and he wasn't wrong... the difference between it and the PS2 version is dazzling!

    1) The "Classic 2" view on xbox is zoomed in closer to the action, the player models are bigger and more in proportion to the pitch!
    2) The game is silky smooth! The frame rate is far superior to the PS2 version and this really does help when it comes to controlling the players!
    3) The controls really aren't a problem at all, in fact, after extended play on both versions, I prefer the Xbox control!
    4) The sound is much beefier and seems better.
    5) Analog control on the Xbox is far more responsive and makes defending more of a pleasure than a chore.
    6) Replays do not jerk or speed up like the PS2
    7) The "Tactic" doesn't work half as much due to improved analog control while defending.

    We had a couple of games on the Xbox version then switched straight onto the PS2. It appeared slow, jerky and unplayable compared to the xbox one! That's not to say that it isn't good, because if I hadn't played the xbox version I'd still be playing it now. However, I know I won't touch rugby 2005 again until I buy my Xbox copy this friday!
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  3. Praise the lord!!!

    i played the ps2 version and was not impressed and xbox is my fav console,

    cheers Locksley
  4. OoOGazOoO

    OoOGazOoO Guest

    Ive got the xbox version and it is quality.
  5. viperun

    viperun Guest

    for those ppl who has the xbox version... will you be so kind to put up clips of it or can someone redirect me if there's a thread that has video clips of an xbox version.

    hey locks, is the kicking better in the xbox version (regarding with controls)?

  6. wrighty15

    wrighty15 Guest

    i am dying for this game!!! friday 18th!!!

    the xbox version by the sounds of things stands out ahead of the ps2 version by a way. the main thing seems to be the fact that it looks and plays a lot better! i cant wait.

    by the way, loks, when you play the game, do you find that games are always different, in the sense that scores may vary from 10 - 5 and then some games both teams put 4 over the try line? just wondering on the variation in games as some ppl here find games are never repetative. lots of variation?

    cheers bud!
  7. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I wouldn't say better, but it didn't bother me as much as the kicking does in the PS2 version, so yes, I'd say it's an improvement!

    Just out of interest, did anybody play both the PS2 and Xbox versions of NRL? The difference in frame rate etc between that game on those platforms was unbelievable! This is similar!
  8. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Yeah I did and .............exactly!

    Knew you'd be a convert once you played XBox [​IMG]
  9. locksley

    locksley Guest

    It's not that Gay guy, I preferred xbox anyway. I'm not one of these people who raves on about which console is best. But the fact is that Rugby 2005 is FAR superior than the PS2 version, no matter what people say!
  10. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Yes I agree and that is what I meant. Not talking about which console is better but rather which game plays better on which console
  11. fullback

    fullback Guest

    Does that mean cos i have a PS2 but not an Xbox im missing out on something??
  12. Humphreys

    Humphreys Guest

    Not Really its all the same exept little things
  13. richllew

    richllew Guest

    Stick to ps2
  14. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    With R2005........yes you are missing out.

    With GT4 and loads of other games you are not missing out. Some fantastic games on PS2 for sure. [​IMG]

    But you are not getting the full experience if you want to play R2005 on PS2. Especially with the framerate.

    Now you may say that framerate is not that important. If you go to forums on the "Beat em up" games they talk about moves in "frames". The animation frames for everymove is split second crucial at that level when they fight. These frames are crucial when pushing the buttons to pull off a combo.

    With R2005 reading a dummy as a dummy may be the difference between winning and losing. You need a good framerate.
  15. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I was one saying that I didn't think there were dummies in Rugby 05, but they DEFINITELY are in on the Xbox version! And you don't have to pass after the dummy is thrown!
  16. fullback

    fullback Guest

    O well i dont really mind cos ill just get it on PS2 im sure it will be good neways!
    cheers though!
  17. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    No problem mate. This topic is really for those who have both consoles and are not sure which version to buy. If you only have one version then the choice is clear.
  18. viperun

    viperun Guest

    so how do you do a dummie pass and a bullet pass in the xbox version?

    oh well can't wait... 3 more days to go!!
  19. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    dummy is x then b or b then x. Delay for effect.

    Push the button HARD for a bullet (pressure sensitive buttons the XBox controller. i don't know about the imitations)
  20. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Yes the PS2 has pressure sensitive buttons too....


    OK now this is for the PS2 owners who, like me, can't afford to buy an xbox for one game (as a pS2 owner, at least until PS3, knows that most games are available for PS2 always (I don't like halo etc))......

    - If you have a pretty new tv and it has s-video input at the back (just check), you can use the sony s-video component cable and replace the standard PS2 one that came with the game....this creates much enhanced graphics, sound and colour...you'll be chuffed (according to reading about 50 or so reviews of it last night - customers and electronic mags etc)

    - If you have the letter ones (y, pb, pr - check to see) on the back of a more top range tv (doesn't have to be plasma or anything - mine is not) you can use the sony component video cables. And this is where you can all but leave behind the power-intoxicated ramble of GG (love ya man don't get me wrong), teh mite (a twat) and, now, Locksley (a legend - but I don't think was using component video for Rugby 2005 on PS2) in terms of Xbox.
    This is b/c the sony (or monster - but sony is safer - according to reviews, don't work in industry or anything) component video cable is five leads - 3 digital video and two audio. This, according to just about every review on the net I read last night, creates incredible graphics (definition, resolution, colour) and wicked sound.
    In the system configuration of your PS2 (with no game inside this comes on - hehe, just in case lol!), after hooking up the FIVE leads (yummy!), you ebter the menu and make two changes:

    - switch to y, pb, pr output (you'll find it)
    - switch to Digital on output options (is in there also)

    Now you have great graphics, with fine lines and easy to read numbers, faces...
    Apparently the difference is incredible and this is backed up by a comment in the "just got PS2 version" thread......

    If there is the option for progressive scanning in games - switch this on too..and the pisture quality increases even more.
    Reviews claimed it produced pictures superior to Xbox. That's a fact...

    In saying this an Xbox hooked up to these things (which you can do also) would make them better again.

    But I am satisifed that Rugby 2005 WITH the sony component video cables (have ordered both) will do the trick.

    If you are skeptical, and I was before reading the write-ups, then just hold off and I will post what it is like after playing for 12 hours straight on Thursday.

    Locksley might prefer the xbox controller now, but honestly, I played JLR for a MASSIVE amount of time and my dexterity and control over the shoulder buttons is not something I am willing to go back on.
  21. flanku

    flanku Guest

    Thanks for the tips Los Luva. I went to amazon to check out buying the component video cable...saw this review...doesn´t contradict anything you said but is stronger on recommending s-video for anyone who doesn't have a super highend T.V., like HDTV. Did you find a diff between component and s-video on a non-HDTV? cheers.


    "Reviewer: "spriggan2" (the West Coast, USA) - See all my reviews

    Disclaimer: This review is being written primarily with HDTV owners in mind.

    Anyhow, first thing's first: people with standard televisions will notice little to no difference using component video cables. I've tried this firsthand using many sets from Sony (their XBR line), Toshiba, and Panasonic non-HDTV direct-view televisions with color difference ("component") inputs, and have had to really look hard to notice a difference (if any at all), between component and S-Video. Half of the perceived difference, I believe, is due to a mental expectation that the image will be inherently better. ....

    However, using an HDTV direct-view set, such as the Panasonic CT-34WX50, CT-36HX40, Sampo SME-34WHD5, et al., as well as some of the better-quality front-projection and rear-projection HDTV units, result in a subtle, yet discernable difference and is the only way to go, IMO. .... Combined with a digital TosLink cable for PS2 audio, and you have an excellent video game and movie-watching unit. However, why would anyone use the PS2 as a DVD player on an HDTV when you can buy a 3/2-pulldown progressive-scan DVD player that will yield spectacular and superior results?

    Not sure, but HDTV owners should purchase these cables to maximize their PS2 to the fullest. Standard TV owners should just stick with S-Video, such as the PS2 S-Video offering from Monster Cable."
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