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IGN Hands on

Gotta hand it to IGN! They did there homework on this. Most US reviewers just throw in a couple buzz words and tell you jack all...
Originally posted by frontline@Jan 25 2006, 04:10 PM
Has anyone watched the movies yet, anything new in them?
thanks for making accessable whoever did that (teh mite?)....

they are of course an 'idea' of what we'll get and I liked a lot of it...great stuff!

however, as per, it is not actual gameplay footage...but a graphical supedup rendering of what we'll get......watching the methods of beating men and the randomness (I hope not easiness) of beating guys etc was great! More madden and able to consecutively beat people etc.....again, hope not too easy....I find if there are methods that they are learnt very quick...I want one thing above all else now = randomness (variety is another way of putting it).

Originally posted by frontline@Jan 25 2006, 03:10 PM
Has anyone watched the movies yet, anything new in them?
Yeah - the one on the left of screen is the set plays one, but the one on the right says "Gameplay Footage"... check it out.

EDIT: I just watched it, its another trailer which i have seen. Dagnabbit!
i get a link to a video for "The Con", but it says EA Sports Rugby 06 footage?? But is it a new vid??
OMG that review is so written by a pom or an aussie pretending to be a yank. Obviously trying to give the game some credibility overseas.

I could be wrong.
For penalties, you can kick the ball to yourself and start an advance instead of opting for the traditional scrum, punt or goal.

Sorry guys this is an american boy forsure
got to love the way he describes a tap kick man the first time I was like
whats he on about till I read it again.

Just like I am hoping the game is going to be alot better even the reviewers are starting to realise that they are having to start reviewing rugby ***les better as the sport is the fastest growing sport in the world.
there are abt 5 new screenshots on that site...but the resolution does not look that great
Great to see the IGN Yanks are doing research into rugby. They must be getting interested...

Oh, and knowsley, it's the Xbox he was talking about.

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