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IGN review Q&A

Interesting interview - it is a shame that the IGN "reporter" didn't ask tougher questions. It seems that every question was "Wow you guys are really great - want to tell us some more about how really great you guys are?"

They should have asked about why even though this is the fifth edition of EA Rugby there is not a decent editor to change player's stats.

And also why they have not fixed the glitch that finds your playing diving over the line to score a try and then being tackled (even though he is diving) and going straight into a normal tackle animation?

Yea it was frustrating reading it, and thinking they could ask tougher questions, like why the f#@k is it just a 06 patchup job, and justify having nearly 2 years and doin **** all!! Pricks!! But the new link to interview is below, as the one i posted above doesnt work. hopefully this one does!!


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