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Increasing AI difficulty

Is it possible to edit the player stats to change how effective the AI is? Maybe if kicking skill was lowered or raised overall then the AI would kick less/more often? What if tackle ability is raised lowered? How about if speed/agility became more pronounced? What if more players had stuff like tackle break, tackling, defensive organiser etc? I'm sure these could change the game to a degree.
I would, but I've got the xbox version and it would takes ages. I had a look for the pc version a while ago but couldn't see it. Might try and buy it online.
In terms of world league I was playing as a team and recruited a lot of star players to play for my team. I then took up an offer to manage another team. I was winning all of my games easily 50 to 60 - 0. I then took the new team to the top division and played my old team.

Because of all of the star players I found it extremely hard to break down the ai's defence. And whenever they turned the ball over (which they did a lot) they always attacked expansively.

The first time that I played against them they won easily but by the second time I played I was able to play a much tighter game and only lost by a couple of points. My old team ended up getting relegated though and I haven't played them since.

All of this makes me think that the ai has the potential to be much harder to break down but like all things most players given enough time will eventually figure out how to beat the ai.

The only thing that EA can really do is "cheat" by having more turnovers and making ai controlled players better than their stats would indicate when they are controlled by the ai.

I doubt that posters such as Gay-Guy would never be able to figure out eventually how to beat the ai no matter how good EA was able to make it.
Well the biggest problem with EA rugby imo is the crowing and following of the ball. If the AI just held decent offensive and defensive lines then it would be significantly tougher. Currently all you need to do is run diagonally at their line and the trouble starts. It can't be that hard to get to get the AI to follow decent structures for offense or defense, I just think the developers (or at least the bean counters) don't want to put the extra effort so it won't eat into profits. If the AI in madden can perform zone and man-to-man then EA can sure as hell program AI to do the same for rugby. A real shame rugby isn't a larger market, we'd have some awesome gameplay by now.