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IRB confims eight anti-doping violations in 2011


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Mar 1, 2006
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The International Rugby Board has revealed that there have been eight anti-doping rule violations in 2011 in what has been a year of substantial testing and education.
The organisational body undertook 1,714 tests across the XV and Sevens format of the game in every continent during 2011. Of the 1,714, 587 featured in competition and 1127 occurred outside. And they also rolled out a record blood testing programme at the World Cup with 989 Tests occuring.​
Despite the rigorous testing programme, there were eight anti-doping rule violations in 2011. That amounts to 0.46% of the total testing programme. Four violations were for stimulants (Methylhexaneamine found in nutritional supplements), two were for anabolic agents (Testosterone), one for a diuretic (Probenicid) and one for a narcotic (Oxycodone) used for pain relief. There were no positive results recorded in Sevens.​
Worth noting that one of the testosterone ones was that chap trying to grow a moustache :lol:
Either rugby is pretty damned clean or the pushers and peddlers of designer chemicals have gotten better at hiding them. If its the former, then im pretty delighted.

On anotehr note, does anyone know if these tests would pick up on HGH or masking agents?

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