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Is Scrum V worth watching tonight?



I love watching the rugby on a friday night, but it some Konica Minolta Cup tonight with the 'lower' teams.

I guess there won't be any stars to watch, I saw Nick Macleod and two of the Cardiff Blue backrower, but all welsh people are called similar name.

So are there starts registered to the teams but aren't playing because of the blues not allowing?

Missed to post before the game, but it was a good game. My mate from school plays for Ponty, Tom Riley.
I watched a bit, but decided to watch snooker instead. The game didn't attract me in any way. There may be something in for welsh fans, but to me it looked scrappy and boring.

Did find Ceri Sweeney's 'gesture' amusing, if that was on english bbc there would have to be a huge inquest/cover up job.

NPGD was good against the Scarlets, I may have to send a 'polite' letter to s4c, to tell them how english rugby fans don't understand/gWYWYWWstand,

I'm ashamed to say, but I don't speak welsh. I understand what you are on about.
Seems a waste of money to have a game that alot of people want to watch where only 25% of the nation are fluent in it, why not have a english commentry on interactive.

Welsh is much like french, they try to religiously stick to it.

Scrum v> y clwb rygbi
they should offer an interactive service.

there was this guy called flanagan, hes tipped to be a big player, as his james hook who should start tommorow for neath, its on s4c as well.
Wtf is Hook doing playing for Neath! He should be playing for the Ospreys. Bloody Lyn Jones, the prat.
Originally posted by gjohn85@Apr 23 2006, 12:22 AM
Wtf is Hook doing playing for Neath! He should be playing for the Ospreys. Bloody Lyn Jones, the prat.
I swear you said you didn't rate the guy!
i bloody rate him, hes a terrific fly half. he'll be one of the best in europe in a few years time.
I know you rated him, but I was talking to gjohn.

He still has to get a place above Arwel though ;)
The first game I saw Hook play was against England u-21's in the 6n, he did have a poor game, but when I watched him play the rest of the game, I realized that he has some talent.

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