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What is wrong with the game today ?

Teams having to change the way they play based on who the referee is and what their interpretation of certain things is. Surely more effort needs to be made for refs to become more aligned.
The game as so many rules it doesn't need more.
For me, i would implement the following
1. Reduce the no of subs - 3 forwards and 2 backs
2. Max 15 seconds to form a scrum and another 15 to put the ball in.
3. Infringement at scrum reduced to free kick unless it's a blatant bit of foul play
4. Free kicks to be free kicks - not scrums
5. 5 seconds to get the ball out of a ruck once the ref sees it. - caterpillar to be a free kick to the defending team
6. Line out to be thrown 10 seconds after hooker gets the ball. Max 30 seconds after ball goes out.
7. Maul pull down reduced to free kick after first stoppage.
8. Offside line moved back 5 metres at scrum and lineouts

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