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The Q everyone is asking: if NH and SH posters were to face each other in a rugby game...

My Dad taught me not to hit girls I concede and not because I'm more afraid of you than any of these knuckleheads on the rugby field.
You are a gentleman and a scholar, sir šŸ˜Š.
I last played when I was like 12 on the wing and now have chronic tendonitis in my right foot and pretty unfit in general, so stick me on the wing and I'll limp off after 10 minutes to give @ncurd 70 minutes on debut from the bench.
I last played about four years ago, got talked into it, ended up with a stinger and could barely lift anything with my right arm for a week afterwards.
A stinger for a week, tis but a scratch, just a flesh wound you can bite there legs off.
I was touted as a generational talent who was a Mike Phillips/Dan Carter hybrid with a bit of Mackenzie thrown in so can cover 9,10 or 15. Whilst I have only played 10 a handful of times I can obviously do a job but I'm stronger at 9 and my **** house game is top drawer and I fancy I'd be able to get my opposite number @Derpus to punch me inside the first 5 mins, get him sent off and then walk the rest of the game seeing as I'm about 2 stone overweight now.
You might get me to hit you in the first five minutes but that'll be it fer you mate.

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