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what position


Academy Player
Jan 31, 2024
i am 5'8 i weigh 75kg decently fast and i'm new to rugby and my mates have said i should play tighthead prop but it doesn't interest me and i'm not sure where elce i could play has anyone got any ideas
Depend on age. I'm 88kg, 5'10 and play flanker. I wouldn't go near the front row as an adult.

I'd look at the backs or depending on how you get on scrum-half. As the others have said depends on your age. Get yourself to a club the coaches will find you your best position with some training.
You're little and quick.
So if you like mouthing off and rubbing people up the wrong way, and you can pass the ball, then you're born to be a scrum half.
If you can't pass, but you can jump & catch, and you can run all day long, then you're a full back.
If you can't jump, but you can run a complete circle around someone before they notice that you've moved, then you're a 13/14/11.
But don't despair - If you can't pass, can't jump and can't run, then you just might be Owen Farrell!

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