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Italian rugby competition


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Jun 2, 2008
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Hi moderators,

Would it be possible to add the Italian competition to the overview of leagues if people, beside me are interested in it?

Pah, not worth the time imo. It was of a terrible standard last year and now the top 60 players have been taken out of it. It would be akin to having an AIB League forum or a Vodacom Cup forum.
Is there enough call for one?
I mean, i've only seen two or so thread about Italian rugby in the past year, and with them being in the Magners, most discussions will be about those two teams, rather than the domestic.

There's barely any talk in the Top14 and the RFU Championship forums, so i can't see the Italian one being very active
Ok, no worries.
Than I will be chatting about Treviso and Aironi in the Magners dep.

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