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May 25, 2007
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Dropbox (which I use to hotlink the tables) no longer supports the Public Folder where I kept the table images, so I have had to create new hotlinks from my Links folder.

I have sent some of the mods/admins (TRF Mr Fish, TRF_Fullback, TRF_heineken, TRF_Olyy, TRF_RC) a couple of PMs over the last 24 hours with new hotlinks for the Competition Tables but I haven't yet received a reply and the new links don't appear to be in place.

Does anyone know how to contact the admins on this site?
Just testing to see if links work and update correctly




Just to say thanks for the tables. I think they really add to the forum being at the top of threads.
Blah, completely forgot about this
I will definitely sort this though, and thanks for doing them! As above, they do add a lot
I maybe in the minority, but these tables really annoy me, they take up a lot of space at the top of the threads and because they are inserted in every single thread related (eg all Super Rugby threads), I have to scroll past them every time i read a thread within the subforum.

At least restrict them to the 'header' sub-forum as in the "Super Rugby" sub-forum or have the ability for users to toggle them on or off.

No offence to whoever goes to the considerable effort to format and keep them up to date, they definitely have a place - just not every place!!

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