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Jaffa street race raises $70,000



and no it's not about Aucklanders.

The steepest street in the world was awash with red on Tuesday for the annual Dunedin Jaffa race down Baldwin Street.

With the crowd set, the costumes ready, and Jaffas in place, 20,000 giant Jaffas took off down the slope.

It took just 2.5 seconds for the winning chocolate to reach the bottom.

The event raised $70,000 for Otago youth programmes.

courtesy of tvnz.co.nz

Ahahaha i wanna actually go and watch that...wonder if anyone eats them..ew :p
i think they are the giant ones because people put their names on them and it would be kinda hard to do that on the normal ones
I find it hard to believe on mad it to the bottom of the street in 2.5 seconds. That street is like 700-800m's long at least. Surely you mean 25 secs?

Otherwise Jaffas might hold the secret to faster than light travel.
he just copied and pasted it, i am guessing the 2.5 is meant to be 25 as well

mertsisagod still needs to read what he copies and pastes :)

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