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Just bought rugby 06 for pc



Wow! The graphics are amazing!!! Im enjoying it so far, contrls are tough to get used to.

Could some of you more experienced pc guys give me some advie on editors, kit mods and player faces, what should i use. Im new to the whole editng thing and dont really know what im doing, but editing players, getting jonahs face, licensed europe kits etc sounds like a whole world of fun, any help or advice would be great!
Download everything possible from the links around TRF and just copy the relevant files into your game folder. Nothing more complicated than that.

Or if you want to edit stats and stuff yourself download woosah's editor.
Thanks guys, so theres nothing malicious I should stear clear of?

Ok, so I can see the kits thread, and woosahs editor thread, but cant find where the jonahs head(an others) thread is, can u give me some diections?
Thanks, I have downloaded the editor but I cant find the roster file in the program files? Is it hiddden or encrpted or something?
I looked there but there is no roster file, do you know what its called and what folder its in?

I see 4 folders, data, audio, support and images, and its no in those.

I was looking in cdrive/program files, and now i just checked in my doc/easports/rugby 06 and found theses- Prof-O.pro, trinats.tmt, Sup14.tmt these are the only folders there, are any of these the one?
D:\Documents and Settings\nzbt6t\My Documents\EA SPORTS\EA SPORTS Rugby 06\stus.ros

thats what mine is under see if that helps

nzbt6t is my user id
I dont hav this file, the only ones in this location are the ones above(the second three) Weird.
in your my documents? thats what you have in the game directory not in the my documents folder
Here is where im looking: c:\Documents and Settings\My Name\My Documents\EA SPORTS\EASPORTS\Rugby 06. This is correct isnt it?

In this folder are these Prof-O.pro, trinats.tmt, Sup14.tmt, and thats it.
Ha ha, your right, just saved one and now its there, thanks! So if I stuff up my rosters somehow, i can just delete the save file and no harm done?
yeah thats right, if you copy it to bleh.ros (the folderthat is) you can just delete the other one and rename it and you will be right :)
Now I have extracted the editor but there is no .exe file in there! I just dont hav any luck!
the rugby06.exe is in the main install directory, its C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA SPORTS Rugby 06 by default

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