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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by darkaz, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. darkaz

    darkaz Guest

    anyone know how to change the keyboard config?
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  3. P0IS0N

    P0IS0N Guest

    Yeah, that would be useful.
    I had a problem with Rugby 2005, couldn't press Left+up/down+turbo at the same time, and I missed out on a great game because of that.
    It seems Rugby 2006 has the same problem, does anyone know if there's a patch or anything to fix this?
  4. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    get a controller, that will fix your problems
  5. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    i had the same problem with 2005 and 2006

    i just got a new keyboard and it works fine :D ... its the cheapest logitech one i could get. logitech access keyboard :cheers:
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