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Knights may be awarded extra points



Knights may be awarded extra points
30 August 2006

An off-field 'own goal' by Australian side the Newcastle Jets could result in the New Zealand Knights being awarded an Australian A-League win.

There's speculation Newcastle fielded an ineligible player in its season-opener at North Harbour Stadium last Sunday. The match was a 0-all draw.

The player is All Whites defender Steven Old, who came on as a replacement late in the match.

The issue is whether Newcastle gained an international transfer for Old from his former national league team, YoungHeart Manawatu.

Also at question is whether YoungHeart Manawatu should be compensated by Newcastle for helping develop the 20-year-old's career.

International rules stipulate a player's former clubs are entitled to compensation once the player signs his first professional contract with another club, providing the player is still under 23.

Old had played for New York's St John's University since 2004, but players don't require transfers to play college soccer in the United States.

Officials from Football Federation Australia (FFA) were yesterday refusing to comment.

"I can't give you a time of when, or if, we would actually make comments regarding that issue . . . there's nothing else I can say about the matter," said A-League media spokesman Adam Mark.

Soccer New Zealand chief executive Graham Seatter believed Newcastle had a case to answer.

"To the best of our knowledge, his registration does still sit with Manawatu," Seatter said.

"It seems St John's may have approved the clearance for him to play at the Jets, but we don't think they're actually entitled to do that."

To kick off transfer formalities, Soccer New Zealand faxed a copy of Old's signature on a YoungHeart Manawatu registration form to the FFA this week. It was still awaiting a reply.

If found to have breached international player transfer rules, Newcastle could be fined and Sunday's match could be awarded to the Knights.

Soccer New Zealand was first alerted to Old's possible ineligibility by several Manawatu sources, even during Sunday's game.

The Knights are refusing to get embroiled in the controversy, media manager Andrew Dewhurst saying everything was being handled by Soccer New Zealand.

"It's something very much between the FFA and New Zealand Soccer," Dewhurst said.

"From the Knights' perspective, we've not had an involvement as such, so it's definitely between the national associations."

Central Soccer administrator David Lawrie was adamant yesterday that Old was still registered with YoungHeart Manawatu. He said he faxed forms to Soccer New Zealand earlier this week to prove this.

"He's still registered with YoungHeart Manawatu, so I was surprised when I heard his name (in the Newcastle squad) on Sunday," Lawrie said.

"The fourth official was actually holding him off (on the sideline), so I thought he might not go on anyway and it wouldn't be an issue. But now it's in the hands of Soccer New Zealand (regarding) what they do."

Old transferred from Palmerston North Marist, to YoungHeart Manawatu late last year to play a handful of games in last season's national football championship.

That came during a break in his university studies at St John's in January.

Lawrie believes the whole transfer issue could stem from a simple misunderstanding on Newcastle's behalf.

Lawrie has noticed Old names St John's as his club side when appearing for the All Whites in recent internationals.



imagine if they win. they would win by default yes, but it would be the new knights first win... like ever :) they didnt win a match at all last year
Yeah Woosah that is confusing. However if you actually look closer at that game against Victory - the goalscorers don't actually add up to the score. Check it out:


Melbourne Victory actually won that game 2-1.

The website also got the game against Sydney wrong as well. The score should have been 2-2 and not a 1-0 win for the Knights.


So they did only win one game last season - this season is looking a lot better even the Australia media are recognising that they are going to be a better team.
good stuff big t but what about this...

Knights break hoodoo
04 September 2006

The Knights have won an A-League football match, just their second in 23 attempts since the league's inception last season.

Saturday's win was also their first at their Albany base.

It wasn't a spectacular win, but that isn't the Knights' style. They're hard-working â€" especially in midfield with strong, no-nonsense players in Jonas Salley, Scot Gemmill and Richard Johnson â€" solid defensively, and not flashy.

They have achieved two results from their opening two matches â€" last weekend's 0-0 draw against Newcastle, then a 1-0 win against last year's minor premiers Adelaide United.

They were both hard-fought but unattractive, though the manner of Saturday's 88th-minute winner by former Fulham midfielder Malik Buari was anything but tradesman-like. In fact, his strike from just off the corner of the penalty box was world-class. It was also fitting after an impressive game on the left.

"It was very special," Knights coach Paul Nevin said.

"It was a spectacular finish . . . but the timing of it when we needed it most was absolutely fantastic."

For all the Knights' dominance, they were gun-shy in front of goal and it looked as though it would take a Malik-type goal to break the drought.

But the Knights are just happy to have that home hoodoo cut loose.

"I don't want to talk about last season again after today . . . that was the final hurdle to get over," Nevin said.

"We know we're good enough . . . and I know for a fact we create chances which we've done again. But then if you're not scoring goals then nobody really sees that, and I think today was vital for us to get a goal and get that first win."

Captain Darren Bazeley and defender Neil Emblen, both original Knights, were relieved.

"It's not something that we tried to dwell on, but it was always there in the back of your mind that we've never won a home game," Bazeley said.

"You saw the relief when Malik scored, everyone jumping on him," Emblen said. "That feeling is unbelievable. It was a fabulous goal and it deserved to win a football match."

The state of the pitch was unbelievable, with stadium officials struggling under the pressure of overlapping rugby, league and football seasons.

Nevin remained diplomatic on the issue, but Adelaide coach John Kosmina certainly wasn't.

"When you look at some of the standards by the FFA for the

A-League, it's certainly not up to standard," he said.



they won, at home

still i wont follow them :)
have you seen the goal???


heck i'll go even furthur and say its the greatest individual soccer goal scored in the asia/pacific region of all countries, competitions of all ages and grades

Deadset.......even the EPL would be proud of that scortcher

Check out the youtubes.........its already on there and nominated for goal of the year.......might aswell give it to him now.....we wont see anything like that in the A-League for a long long time

Here is a link if you haven't had a chance to look yet:


The second and third goals are pretty average but Buari's strike is top class. I scored a goal like that in indoor once - went around a guy on the left wing and then just lined up and hit it into the top right side of the goal. It was playing mixed and it was a girl in the goal so it doesn't really count but it was still a good goal (even if I do say so myself).

Yeah the first home victory in 23 games - that is terrible.

I guess to be far the New Zealand team was always going to start a little bit behind the Australian sides and hopefully (actually I don't really care) they have got things a lot better this season and will actually be competitive this year.

They were terrible last year - pathetic even! And should have been relegated.
Will the knights win tonight??

i got $35.00 measly NRL tipping comp prizemoneys to spend that i though i never had...its going on one of these teams tonight

u have 6 mins to reply, (going to pub) or its going on the outsiders, whoever that is i dunno..
Will the knights win tonight??

i got $35.00 measly NRL tipping comp prizemoneys to spend that i though i never had...its going on one of these teams tonight

u have 6 mins to reply, (going to pub) or its going on the outsiders, whoever that is i dunno..

Put all your money on West Coast to win the Granny on Saturday

It's a sure bet :cheers:
<div class='quotemain'>
Will the knights win tonight??

i got $35.00 measly NRL tipping comp prizemoneys to spend that i though i never had...its going on one of these teams tonight

u have 6 mins to reply, (going to pub) or its going on the outsiders, whoever that is i dunno..

Put all your money on West Coast to win the Granny on Saturday

It's a sure bet :cheers:


:bleh!: :p

GO YOU BLOODS :ranting:

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