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LA Noire

Superb game, real original idea in terms of content and the facial animation technology. One of my favorites of the last few years. Dirt cheap now I reckon on Steam/XBL
I enjoyed it.
The facial animation stuff is weird at first, but once you're used to it it's great.
Story lines are really good, as well, and they've captured old-timey-LA superbly. Did find that (for me at least) some of the detective work was just lucky guessing, and more often than not when interrogating the witnesses I got nowhere, but that's probably me just being impatient with it :p
Like SelimNiai says, probably really cheap now (a quick look on Steam/Amazon show's it's about a fiver for PC and as little as £1-2 used for console) so definitely worth picking up.
I borrowed it from a mate got really into but his disk 2 was broken so I never got further, little hard to get used to at first but once you're in the swing of things its great.
Loved it to the point of 100%in it. Doesn't give you the same desire to explore the LA map like in GTAs but the storyline is a good un.

On my first run though I had little success with interrogation and interviews but when I did a second play-through to get Platinum trophy, all was much easier and made a lot more sense. Good learning curve too as you start in traffic department and work your way up to homicide, vice etc...

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