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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by leicester, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. leicester

    leicester Guest

    What has Laporte done with French flair? It seems that, whilst the French players have the potential, the longer they have played under Laporte the less we see real flair in their matches. The only justification he could offer would be improved consistency but I see no real changes there either. Love to see France do well in this pool (there is nothing like a French team in full flow) but Laporte seems to be stifling the French joie de vivre.
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  3. shtove

    shtove Guest

    He admires les Rosbifs and dreams of world domination.

    Can't say Jauzion has done much recently. But if they get their half backs right, they're capable of total rugby rather than the flash stuff.
  4. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Yes, our rugby under Laporte is less romantic. Laporte is into discipline, physical challenge and all that stuff.

    Despite that frenchs are still capable of stroke of genious sometimes. Remember Mignoni against Scotland...

    French flair will never die, it's not about gameplan, it's about instinct.
  5. vince000

    vince000 Guest

    I totally agree!!!

    French flair is an instinctive way to play rugby, that France will always have.
  6. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    An individual piece of brilliance is not "French Flair", its simply a ............. well an individual piece of brilliance.

    Professional rugby has signalled the end of "French Flair". The instinct to run from deep has been beaten out of them by the international coaching setup and the clubs who understand that results mean everything. Its not about how you play, its about winning the game.
  7. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Sadly, nobody seems to have told that to...well...France, considering that their national side is one of the most notoriously unreliable and unstable top ten sides in International rugby today. Whatever success Biarritz, Tolouse and Stade Francais have enjoyed, it definitely hasn't filtered through to the national team on a consistent basis to earn serious plaudits.
  8. Indeed Laporte is a coach who doesn't take importance to the "French flair", the improvisation and the instinct. And this way of thinking can sometimes limit some of his players (like Michalak in semi-final 2003 against England). But this approach of rugby has permitted to France to get more stable results compred to the past years.

    That's a way of thinking, and even it's not mine, the results during the next world cup will tell us if Laporte is right or not...
  9. mario66

    mario66 Guest

    Talking about french flair, what do you think guys of the incoming first game against Argentina? To my opinion and even if I support France during this World Cup, I am afraid that the flair will be more on the pumas side than in ours.

    Anyway it is true that Laporte has made the french play a lot more consistent and has reduce so much the amount of fouls made by the french squad.
  10. lestat75

    lestat75 Guest

    Laporte has made a good who will go to the semi finals i think
  11. I think England victory has shown the other european countries what you need to do to beat the big 3 from the other emisphere, so france is adapting to that kind of game.

    I am also curious about the puma, they seem to have a good mix of strenght and speed and unpredictable plays. I guess france might be the weak side in that group
  12. thom

    thom Guest

    laporte prefers the australian or england's rugby as french flairs. For the time it's not a bad idea
  13. knuble

    knuble Guest

    yes im agree with vince000 :p
  14. john

    john Guest

    I think Laporte wants more often a rugby play with no improvisation, players have to follow recommandations. For example, when traille played Fly Half he was so pathetic and predectible (m not sure of that word), he should play as Laporte asked him to do.

    In other hand, France has no good fly half, unfortunately....
  15. geralddge

    geralddge Guest

    Hopefully the French flair will be back when this is not expected like in the France - NZ semi-final in 1999.
  16. Maui Charles

    Maui Charles Guest

    Yeah, I think laporte bases his game more on the South Pacific side of things with players that are not built like Maoris. Anyway, Flair has been lost to a certain point... Is it for good, no, through these rare brilliant moments that the french player can achieve.

    Laporte will be part of the french government after the world cup, a good for a bad ?
  17. john

    john Guest

    Laporte killed the french flair (by wanting musclors and so on, where is the time when France never tried penalties and played them handly?) but I am happy, Argentina killed Laporte!!!
  18. gabi

    gabi Guest

    exact John ! it's the Laporte and his staff defeat. All french players were lost after three months of preparation ! :ranting:
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