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Just a note to anyone french

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Your team really wouldn't have won against us if the ref hadn't been sooo stupidly biased. The forward pass was so obvious. And hte yellow card on mcalister? What the? Anyway, you guys are just unpredictable in your playing and are going to be TROUNCED in the next round - and I can't wait till you are in NZ next world cup, we are going to trounce you. Loosrs!
Idiot! Why oh why is it f*** tards like you who make us Kiwis seem like complete arrogant pricks. f*** off.

Yes, the ref was a complete knob and to some extent he cost us the game. Although, we had 72% of the ball and didn't f*** all with it while France made 176 tackles.

Oh, and in this case we are the "loosrs", France deserve it **** ref or not. I'll admit we played ****, France played good, the ref was in France's favour and we lost.
Yeah we probbably would have won if it wasn't for the retarded ref, but....We lost. Kiwis are jus gonna have to take the L for this one. For future refernce try not to sound like a prick.
im shatered ahwell go the boks i suppose, ref shocking all blacks shocking, france good france win, i dont no wheather to laugh or cry.

And as for french been useless lol are u kidding me dipshit! and u reckon they will get thumped against england on their home ground...think again chump
Don't really need another 'I want to kill the referee thread'. Especially not one with such a case of sour grapes as this.

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