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LAWS of the GAME


Feb 20, 2014
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London Wasps
as it says above, is there any worth in a sub forum for discussions on the laws of the game (both codes perhaps)?

Might encourage a few more refs to post etc... but would also focus discussions pertaining to a law incident within there rather than a game day thread and so on...

Not a bad idea, I think it might help making the forum more specific. Then again it might get ignored and smartcooky would show up on every thread and destroy our understanding with his well formated posts.
I think we used to a few years back, but it would now be part of General Rugby.
I think we used to a few years back, but it would now be part of General Rugby.

Lol @lynam. Indeed the King of copy paste would have a field day. Would be good place for people to pose him a question though.

Daggs, understood, and makes sense. Did we used to get a lot of refs posting?
You know, I didn't venture into it much when I first joined, and it was merged soon afterwards I think. Cooky is our resident ref, but others have popped in from time to time.
No point. There was one way back when, but it was barely used. General rugby is the place for it.
ok, but it's seldom in there - usually in the game thread.

I just thought it might be good separating them out. but if it didn't work back then there is small chance of it working now with these reprobates :)
If you'd like to create a Law questions thread, I am sure quite a few would be interested. Could compile some of Cooky (and others) explanations into it as well.

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