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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by ak47, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    ok fellas

    I have decided to spend big........was weighing up digital video camcorder or LCD tv

    seeing its winter and i'll spend more time on the couch than anywhere else

    anyone on the TRF got an LCD TV and component cables

    I will await Los Lovers seriously, i'd like an indepth write up, and i know it will come

    but can anyone else share their views and experiences with LCD tv's

    They have dropped in price dramatically over the past 6 months, and its time to get 'Digi' wit it

    also the FAD of walking home with it tucked under my arms like a surfboard.......CANT WAIT [​IMG]
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  3. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    on-screen kb...has to b short [​IMG]

    lcd bad - games burn into image and too pixalated. a good crt 100 hz is still better. trust me. however a dlp pj is the best. def use component though. after pj - no tv is big enough! [​IMG]
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    there's no chance i am getting a CRT or projector

    Is this true that LCD sux with games?

    at all the stores here u play games on lcd screens........and they look crisp and brilliant IMO.

    I had a guy at dick smith give me a demo on the LCD

    is was the best picture i had ever seen.........the DVD was hooked up to 5 Tv's so u could compare the difference.

    the only problem i am having is finding the ps2 component cables

    nobody has them in stock, so i'll have to order from the web

    i take it nobody has played a game on LCD?......lack of responses? whats doing here [​IMG]
  5. esoj

    esoj Guest

    haven't played on an lcd tv but have played game on my dad's 24inch dell widescreen lcd screen and man was it good. Everything was so much sharper and clearer than a crt. I found it really hard going back to my crt afterewards all the text on the screen looked out of focus and not as clear
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    f*** [​IMG]
    f*** [​IMG]
    f******************* [​IMG]

    f*** sony
    f*** EB and all other retailers

    I cant find the component ps2 cables anywhere

    nobody has them

    friggin sony monopolizing thier product so i have to buy a ps2 component setup

    now i gotto order from the web

    which means i'll have a delay in optimum visual pleasure

    friggin f*** f***

    i carted around bondi junction for 2 houyrs looking for the component cables

    even the dick at EB said just go to JBHIFI and get one
    well numbnutts, that wont work as i need the ps2 plug at the other end - dipshit sherlock eb pleb employee...............
    thats great knowledge shown on their behalf


  7. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    lcd tv is like washing your money down the loo...and as a result I can't tell you to get your component cables easily off trademe.......


  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    hasnt been bought yet mate

    still in the process of investigation

    have taken a soft spot to the CRT's again - the 100hz CRT's.

    but i dont want a f**off box that weighs 2 tonnes

    plasma is definately not happening

    its a war - LCD v CRT100hz [​IMG]
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I have a crt 32 inch Philips wide screen 100hz and it is the best picture possible for gaming. lcd/s blast you with colour and light...but I am telling you the crt picture is better - TRUST ME. It's your decision, but all I can say is the truth.

    I have a projector too though, which cost less than the tv (tv 1500 from CC instead of 2500 retail)....and I would NEVER play a game on the tv again. You can perfect film-like image and size of picture.

    It's your call bro...but a big purchase you regret is like a f***ing living nightmare because you can't upgrade for ages. I have tv for tv....and projector for gaming and movies...but it's so awesome, I basically don't watch tv anymore lol!!!

    Go to the next level can't reach the penthouse from the basement ....and why would you want to....if your price of admission can have you on the top floor?

    Hope helps.....

    100hz crt with component input is the way to go.....natural motion is on mine and I highly recommend this extra option for gaming etc........will make you giddy in some fils though it is so realistic.,,,GREAT for sport......Best picture I have ever seen......and guess what...

    you know what I'm going to say.....

    Projector is better. You just smile for the first three hours you use'll lose every game. LOL!!! [​IMG]

    but won't care... [​IMG]



    PS - did you find the huge amount of component cables at where I recommended? Come on! I want the mad props! You were struggling...all of those cables are good...don't worry about official sony imitation s-video cable was mint...admittedly though my component cables ARE official sony and do kick more ass...but that's cos s-video not as good ya know?

    If want official get from - order them in (about 30 dollars) and then pick them up. Hope helps bro.

  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    u are a legend los

    100hz CRT + component is the way from many reports on the WWW aswell

    also alot cheaper too than LCD

    Saw the phillips u got - very nice
    I have 3 options........all widescreen all 100hz and gotto be 66cm to fit in my wall unit

    LG Lafinion

    All under $1200.........all 100HZ...all component ready
    But only the panasonic will fit in my wall unit, as the speakers arent on the side (dont matter step up to da plate is my Sony 5.1 Digital Surround).

    Now los my room isnt dark enuff for a that out of the question

    I can find ps2 components everywhere - but should i get the official from GP store, as there are many generics that are cheaper, but i do not want to lose any quality??
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    dude just get one of trade me....that's generic as well (the one you have a link too) and is exactly the same as the ones on trademe. I got an s-video generic cable to go with projector before I got the official sony component and even the s-video generic noticeably improved the picture...

    for peace of mind...order in the official component to the gp-store and pay 30 dollars flat.....that's my safe, reliable, quality recommendation. [​IMG]

    However, my 'I'll fly by the seat of my pants' recommendation would be the generic but they can bend in a border sometimes, just slightly.

    Yes, if speakers on side, but only one that fits. then take it b/c surround sound means doesn't really matter.

    However 4 projector - dark room not an issue at night time yeah!? Anyway.....

    Back to the point on are obviously going cash converters or appliance warehouse or something at these the philips I describe is retailing at 2000+...

    thus make sure you ask the tv's history....i.e.

    it may have been:

    - pre-owned
    - been scratched and is otherwise mint

    OR...Like mine....

    It is mint and was a display tv instore for about 6 days......these are the sort of ones you want. Good as new but half price. [​IMG] I've used it continuously (but normally) now for a year.....and it is still 100% quality sound and picture and looks like it will be forever to be honest or 60,000 tube hours!!! Whatever comes first...I don't mind.

    I've had my projector for three weeks now and have only used 40 hours (and that's uding it whenevr I can really) is a 3000+ hour lamp...that's pretty sweet.

    Anyway, tv first is understandable, it's what I did too. But you will eventually want to go quality and size....everybody does because the old saying is always true:

    'Everything is relative".

    Indeed Einstein.....Indeed. [​IMG]
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i am getting this

    BRAND NEW MATE - i dont settle for anything less than sparkly spanking in ya face.

    it is the ONLY 66cm widescreen 100Hz Tv i can find that is less than 740mm width for wall unit fitting

    chances of getting this TV are at 95%......

    prolly sunday or maybe next week

    components in the mail
    blics demo in the mail
    100Hz widescreen TV on its way

    ultimate ps2/dvd experience around the corner - oooooooooooohhh somebody stop me!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s i went for the generic brand from hong kong, simply coz of the reviews were all great for the cables were in my mind, but i am sick of getting official..........i like the independent mobs, that starve the corporate world of sales......if the reviews werent good, i'd have gotton official sony, but the reviews were AWESOME, and very detailing!!
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest



    enjoy it all bro.

    I just got some pudney component cables for dvd....oh yeah baby!!!

  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    well u wouldnt believe it

    i buy the TV and still havent got it from delivery goons

    bing lee have been warned via my nice email

    To whom it may concern

    I am writing an offical complaint to how things are handled regarding delivery of goods that costs customers $35

    Last Sunday I purchased a $1000 TV, to be told it would be delivered on Monday.

    I was hesitant at 1st, as nobody would be home on Monday for most of the day........I was told by your representatives, that your people would call to confirm a time for delivery.

    I receive a call on monday not confirming any times, but you give me a timeframe to be home - which was not negotiable, unlike your proud motto!!!

    Timeframe was 12-3pm...................was told if i was not home in these times, then i would have to cancel and re-schedule a new day.

    I call and re-schedule, for the next day delivery before 11am.........I am told by Miss X that my suberb is genreally only delivered in the afternoon (why was I not told this in the first place when buying the TV)...........I object and am passed though to the sales-rep whom sold me the TV.........he confirms the cancel and re-shedule procedure, but cannot confirm a time for delivery (which contradicts what Miss X told me in the 1st place that my suberb is afternoon only).

    So I am left with picking a day of the week, but cant pick a timeframe...........thus leaving me with the ultimatum to take a full day leave from work.

    Do you think this is how things should be handled when its costs $35

    After-all it is my job that is #1 priority, and the bread and butter as to how you got my $1000 for the TV.

    Now I gotto take a full day off - simply because your delivery system cannot:
    A. Confirm a smaller timeframe to the nearest hour.
    B. just deliver on priority basis of what the customer Monday 10am, or Tuesday 6pm, whatever they book, they pay $35 for this
    C. Utilise a negotiable system where the driver and customer can be flexible in the way they want things handled - your driver was extremely inflexible, which suggests this is the system and procedure talking

    Now for $1000 I have

    No TV for 2 days, when promised next day delivery - this promise can only be uphold if I take a full day off - you need me to uphold you promise - yeah good one!.
    Got to take a full day off work - try having ur employess request this just for a home appliance delivery
    A ****** off brain that will tell its feet not to walk in the direction of Bing Lee again

    It is the customers that pay for your products, but we are left in the procedure loohope and deffiencies of Bing Lee


  16. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    No offence, but patience bro. That;s what happens if you won't/can't pick up.

    Ordering on sunday and recieving on the Monday would be a world record bro. You must be hanging out and getting too stressed lol!!!!

    pick up is the way, otherwise for the perk of home delivery...I guess you gotta bide your time ya know? But you should have been really nice to them....for that industry, that's the best tactic to get things done quicker. Otherwise you become less of a priority for special service and help ya know?

    haha! I sens your pain, but if you try and forget etc, it'll pribably arrive before you know. You've focused too hard on trying to get for Auckland game haven't you...I can read minds ya know. [​IMG]
  17. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i have told them, to shove the delivery where the sun dont shine and be open at 9am tomorrow for my skinny ass to pick up

    i will have it tomorrow 100%

    will post my thoughts, once plugged in, and loaded up BLIC demo

    am working a late shift 12pm till 8pm, so i have all morning to straighten out bing lee

    what u dont understand is the promises and convenience assured with this delivery
    that i never got which spurred my moment of madness via email

    p.s its the second strike they've had with me - and i missed wimbledon in HD, and i dont wanna miss SOO
  18. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    aaahhhh SOO..indeed. Go the Maroons!!
  19. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    deal is done and dusted

    in its new home

    awaiting my departure from work to setup and plug in

    components in transit confirmed bia confirmation

    got the BLIC's demo last night - mind boggling and breathtaking - cricket has evolved!!!!!!!
  20. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    if these dont come in the mail today i'll be f***n fuming!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    f***kers from honkers have gorne yonkers!!

    hurry the truck f*** up [​IMG] [​IMG]
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I told you, but you wouldn't listen...sorry, but it's true.

    On trade me....**** comes quickly because people have standards (feedback etc that affects who buys)....I got my s-video cable (two days after I ordered it) and my extension cable also two days after ordered. You have their account details because that is hw you pay. It's foolproof really...but you trusted an anonymous nothing website...crazy!!

    Oh well, I'm having trouble finalising BLic order!! So your woe is not so bad.
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