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Least Knowledgeable Rugby Union Poster

Originally posted by Wally@Jan 21 2006, 08:57 AM
Lora's going to love that one.

I'm assuming it was him that voted for me as well.
i really dont mind - and i agree that the way i put my arguement across does sound like i know nothing - but if people ever talked to me on msn - the would realise that i do know my stuff.
ha ha ha - im happy to get anything the way you arsewipes have been voting.
Bit of a farce, this award. I don't find any of the three members to be deserving of being in the running. Mrs SHRLFC doesn't even care about union, like myself, and both loratadine and SFW know their stuff. SFW is only there because, for some bizzare reason, people don't like him.
I thought she was in it cause it'd be nice for the only regular female member to win something.
SFW only got two nominations....By the only two people hes had quarrels with.

I don't think this award has any particular meaning really. Just a bit of fun it seems...
To be honest it's expecting a bit much to have all posters who voted take their nominations seriously and not have them blinded by personality clashes which make their opinions look completely retarded and also them in the process as well.

Possibly all the worst awards are a waste of time so.
i dont care id rather people vote for me 26 times even if its for a bad thing than have no one vote for me for anything
Originally posted by .:kaftka:.@Jan 23 2006, 08:17 PM
My mum is Lisa...

Oi! Kinkon! Watchoo say bout my mum!?
wat? wat you gowna do!?!?! throw bananas at me?!?!

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