'Legends' patch for rugby 06 and 08

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Fa'atau82, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Hi guys.

    I had a great idea for a patch, which i think might work better on rugby 08, but could be useful on rugby 06 as well.. if anyone plays it.

    Basically, if any of you remember Jonah Lomu Rugby around 1995 on Playstation, the game had an interesting idea for the rosters, which was a 'Legends XV' for all of the teams. So, for example, you'd have Jonah Lomu, Michael Jones and Sean Fitzpatrick in the same team, and the same for the other teams.

    This is a very possible and easy patch for 06 and 08, and i'd like to see if anyone is interested in this.

    Rugby 08 has some kind of classic replay option where you can play as older teams, like the 2003 RWC final for example and last i heard, it was fully editable.

    I plan to make a patch for rugby 06, with old style kits. This would be incredibly easy and you can play with all the old superstars.

    I'd just need help in compiling an accurate 30-man squad for each team, allowing for current stars too.

    There'd be 16 teams who would are.. England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, NZ, SA, Australia, Italy, Argentina, Samoa, Fiji and Canada.

    I need help to compile the definitive lists. Could be some difficult selections for the top teams.

    Here is what i have so far.. (in no particular order)


    1 Census Johnson

    2 Trevor Leota

    3 Peter Fatialofa

    4 Daniel Leo

    5 Filipo Levi

    6 Junior Paramore

    7 Apollo Perelini

    8 Pat Lam ©

    9 Steven So'oialo

    10 Stephen Bachop

    11 Alesana Tuilagi

    12 Frank Bunce

    13 Brian Lima

    14 Va'aiga Tuigamala

    15 Matthew Vaea

    16 Mike Umaga

    17 Lio Falaniko

    18 Silao Vaeaga

    19 Terry Fanolua

    20 Dominic Fe'aunati

    21 Simo Sititi

    22 Brian Lima

    23 George Leaupepe

    24 Earl Va'a

    25 Justin Va'a

    26 Lome Fa'atau

    27 Notise Tauafao

    28 Fereti Tuilagi

    29 Kas Lealamanua

    30 Mahonri Schwalger

    Need some more stars from 1991 and 1995.


    1 Epeli Naituiva

    2 Greg Smith ©

    3 Joeli Veitayaki

    4 Iferemi Rawaqa

    5 Iferemi Tawake

    6 Alifereti Doviverata

    7 Ilivasi Tabua


    9 Moses Rauluni

    10 Waisale Serevi

    11 Marika Vunibaka


    13 Viliame Satala

    14 Rupeni Caucaunibuca

    15 Norman Ligairi

    16 Simon Raiwalui

    17 Jacob Rauluni

    18 Fesu Lasagavibau

    19 Nicky Little

    20 Akapusi Qera

    21 Lawrence Little


    23 Vilimonu Delasau

    24 Manasa Bari

    25 Alfie Uluinayau

    26 Bill Gadolo




    30 I. Rasila
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  3. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    haha i didnt know frank bunce played for samoa :) but you have to have him and him in the all blacks, paired with walter little.

    the all blacks team would be pretty hard, and i am sure other people out there have a better idea than me, but since i am up at 2am ill do my top 15 with a couple of extras.

    olo brown
    sean fitzpatrick
    craig dowd
    ian jones
    chris jack
    michael jones (unless the game is played on a sundy :) )
    Zinzan Brooke
    Josh Kronfield (i know he played 7, sue me :D)
    Justin Marshall
    Andrew Mehrtens
    Jonah Lomu
    Walter Little
    Frank Bunce
    John Kirwin
    John Schester

    Dan Carter
    Grant Fox
    Joe Rockococo
    David Kirk
    Christian Cullen
    Ali Williams

    thats just a few i can think of off the top of my head
  4. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    What a great idea!

    South Africa:

    1 Os du Randt
    2 James Dalton
    3 Ollie le Roux
    4 Crano Otto
    5 Mark Andrews
    6 Francios Pienaar
    7 Andre Venter
    8 Gary Teichman
    9 Joost van der Westhuizen
    10 Henry Honiball
    11 Chester Williams
    12 Pieter Muller
    13 Andre Snyman
    14 James Small
    15 Andre Joubert

    16 Hennie le Roux
    17 Joel Stransky
    18 Japie Mulder

    Thinking about the rest.............

    Damn Woosaah....What about Jeff Wilson!!!?? He's my all time great All Black. :)
  5. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    Correct spelling: 4 - Krynauw Otto

    19 - Ruben Kruger
    20 - Pieter Hendriks
    21 - Werner Swanepoel
    22 - Johan Roux

    Thats an "old" all time team excluding the current Legends!
  6. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    Correct spelling: 4 - Krynauw Otto

    19 - Russie Erasmus
    20 - Ruben Kruger
    21 - Werner Swanepoel
    22 - Naka Drotske

    And I'd rather change Joel Stransky for Jannie de Beer but thats just my opinion.

    Thats an "old" all time team excluding the current Legends!

    Other players:
    Robbie Fleck
    Bobbie Skinstad
    Adriaan Garvey
    Stefan Terblanche
  7. yeah !!!! i've been waiting for such a topic for ages (since rugby 06 in fact) !!!

    i've done such things for PES on playstation, doing about 20 classic teams.

    the problem for rugby 08 is that every player in these teams are star players. i was wondering if its possible to duplicate star players in the game. it seems there are three types of them : impact, kicker and runner ...

    i could help a bit for france

    14.st andré
    bernat salles
  8. Scotland:

    1. T. Smith
    2. Bulloch
    3. Sole
    4. Weir
    5. S. Murray
    6. White
    7. Macfadyen
    8. Taylor
    9. Nicol
    10. Townsend
    11. Irvine
    12. S. Hastings
    13. Tait
    14. Lamont
    15. G. Hastings
  9. Best Team Ever :p


    1. Charlie Faulkner
    2. Bobby Windsor
    3. Graham Price
    4. Robert Norster
    5. Geoff Wheel
    6. Terry Cobner
    7. Martyn Williams
    8. Mervyn Davies
    9. Gareth Edwards
    10. Barry John
    11. Iuean Evans
    12. John Dawes
    13. Gwyn Nicholls
    14. Gerald Davies
    15. JPR Williams

    16. Dai Young
    17. Garin Jenkins
    18. Gareth Llewellyn
    19. Terry Holmes
    20. Neil Jenkins
    21. JJ Williams
    22. Phil Bennet

    R Jonathen Davis
    R J. Perkins
    R Robert Jones
    R Mark Ring
    R Adrian Hadley
    R Scott Gibbs
    R Scott Quinnell
    R Robert Howley
  10. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    It's up to everyone who posts a team, but i wouldn't have any players from before 1987.. just to keep some continuity.
  11. Aww But Most of Wales's legends are 70's players :cryy:
  12. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well, if they are the cream then so be it. :)

    Doesn't say much for Wales after 1970 then!

    I was thinking more a mix of 1987, 1991, 1995, 1999, 2003 and 2007 stars. Maybe there could be a welsh 70's team in the representative sides.
  13. jaco

    jaco Guest

    When will this patch be ready for download????????????
    It really sounds like a good idea
  14. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Well, i have to make it first. I'd overwrite my current 2007-08 rosterand then add the old time kits as away kits, so you'd still be able to play the new roster with a new 2007-08 home kit and play the old roster with old style kits (plain kits maybe with some small logos, with old style neck and logo).

    I need 14-16 team rosters.. some i can do myself, but we have to decide quickly on who to put in the teams for France, England, NZ, South Africa and Australia. The rest should be academic.. but i want them only going back to 1987, and maybe with 3 or 4 old time players, like JPR Williams.

    So a typical team, like England would look like.. Guscott, Carling, Catt, Wilkinson, Leonard, Morris, Dawson, Rees, Johnson, Rodber, Bayfield etc, etc.

    I will start a new topic for this, which is purely for the player discussion. Just add the 30 players who make your squad and the most popular ones will be picked. Obviously, players like Lomu, Fitzpatrick, Wood, Sella, Guscott, Campese will all be there.. its the remaing 10 reserves or so that we really need to discuss.

    If anyone wants to help with kits, be my guest. I can use the same template for each kit, just change the background colours and the logo for each team.

  15. i was wondering if it was possible to purely add some teams instead of replacing existing ones ? everybody will want to have their home league teams so an overwrite of existing teams will be a problem for us all.

    would be cool to use ozzy's roster (when the final update is released) and then add some teams. or making a patch that would add the teams to the game, so that we wouldn't have to overwrite our rosters.

    for the old players (before 87), i suggest to only use players who are in the irb rugby hall of fame.

    i'd like to help for the kits but i really don't know how to do.
  16. Hoodo

    Hoodo Guest

    Lamont instead of King Kenny?? ;)
  17. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    here's my contribution for the Wallabies

    front rowers: michael foley, andrew blades, topo rodriguez, phil kearnes, ewen mckenzie, dan crowley, richard harry

    second rowers: john eales, rod mccall, troy coker, david giffin

    back row: simon poidevan, willy ofahengaue, david wilson, owen finegan, toutai kefu

    scrum halves: nick farr-jones, george gregan

    fly halves: michael lynagh, stephen larkham

    wingers: David campese, joe roff, ben tune

    centres: andrew slack, tim horan, jason little, dan herbert, nathan grey

    full backs: matthew burke, marty roebuck
  18. Ickon

    Ickon Guest

    Olo Brown
    Sean Fitzpatrick ( C)
    Craig Dowd
    Andy Haden
    Brian Lockhore
    Colin Meads/Graham Mourie
    Michael Jones
    Zinzan Brooke
    David Kirk (VC)
    Grant Fox (GK)
    Jonah Lomu
    Daniel Carter (P) (I know he's 10, can't remember any GREAT 2nd 5/8)
    Joe Stanley/Frank Bunce/Tana Umaga
    John Kirwin
    Christian Cullen/George Nepia/John Gallagher


    16. Carl Hayman
    17. Kevin Mealamu
    18. Alan Whetton/Chris Jack
    19. Josh Kronfeld/Richie McCaw
    20. Andrew Merhtens
    21. Gavin Williams/Stu Wilson/Joe Rocokoko
    22. Justin Marshall
  19. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    PITA ALATINI :cheers:
  20. Ickon

    Ickon Guest

    Yeah but not a fan of him and Little & I never really heard any great stories about old school 2nd 5s from the older generation. I'll stick with Carter there unless someone else knows anyone else.

  21. i would use kronfeld, marshall and merthens + jeff wilson on the starting lineup
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