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Leicester Tigers Update




Here is my latest download, available from rugbydownloads.bizhat.com.

Go to the Rugby 2005 Downloads section.

All feedback welcome.

By the way, can everyone see the screenshot above? Doesn't seem to work on my computer, but the link is right....
that's gay.

sometimes I can see it when i refresh.

never mind, just check the site!
If u really want to see it go to his site, its in the downloads section.
Originally posted by Wally@Mar 11 2005, 08:06 PM
Awesome mate. Keep them patches coming, not that I know how to use them.
You have the PC version right?

I have included a Read Me file for you all to, er, well....read.

It tells you aaaaalllll you need to know in there, but just in case you can't read:

stick the .fsh file (has a funny name) in the folder where your Rugby 2005 game is located. This is normally C:\program files\Ea sports\ea sports rugby 2005.

And if you still can't read THAT, well I can't help you...

By the way, just uploaded the Bath kit.
Chesnut, I think the kits are looking fantastic. Shame I don't have a PC that could handle the game.

Anywho, was wondering if you/Darhf wouldn't mind creating one thread where you all can post your updates into instead of spreading them out per team?
Wow! Those kits are brilliant. Can't wait to actually get the game so I can install them now..........

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