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Leinster v Queensland Reds

Because that's clearly what everyone has been saying here.

I don't think anyone on this forum believes the Reds didn't deserve their place in the play-offs, nor that they were undeserving of the Super Rugby ***le. The Reds did nothing wrong all season, won the games they had to, and ultimately put in a better play in the final to take the competition.

The problem people have, is with the tournament itself, which favours the Australian sides. In a more fair competition perhaps the Crusaders would've had home advantage for the finals. Of course this was not the case, the Reds did all they could, and won the ***le, so congratulations to them. They are deserved champions of the current Super Rugby competition, taking full advantage of the format.

You Queenslanders are blinkered. They topped the table giving them home semis and finals, their position on the table was helped by their easier draw. It doesn't get too much simpler than that. They are definitely overrated.

Yes. Home semi finals are the just reward for topping the table.

You still don't get it. Even with a harder draw, they still would have topped the table and had the home semis and final - Based on their performances this year. They didn't sneak in through the back door. Now if ANY of the rival top sides had beaten them, you might have a scrap of a case. Didn't happen.

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