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life update



well - recently i've had two major developments occur

1 - recently moved to the Washington, DC area from St. Louis area (so i've effectively left behind the america's breadbasket and bible belt and all that jazz aka the midwest)

2 - recently applied for and was granted EU citizenship (Sweden) - well maybe not quite but i've got the passport!

if you think both of these moves are to a certain extent political - then you're damn well right to a degree they are, cultural as well - however i'm half - Swedish and grew up in Germany...i find myself gravitating slowly towards Europe once again

oh and i've changed my favorite team to Sale Sharks to please the great Chabal - plus I'm sick of staying up till 5 a.m. every morning watching Super League in a dreamlike state it's effectively killing me....please forgive me Dan - St Helens are still my favorite RL team!
How is it possible to obtain the nationality of a country you're not living in?
I thought you had to live a certain amount of time in a country before attaining citizenship? Or is that just the case in that one country I actually bothered to look it up for?

Can't blame you for going back to being European, although it's good that you chose Sweden and not Germany, some germans are so full of blödsin (although some are okay, granted xD)
i originally had a Swedish passport which I lost because of red-tape and because they changed the rules - it would be more accurate to say that I re-applied

plus half of my family is in Sweden and I speak the language fairly well

as far as Germany goes - I can't receive German citizenship because neither of my parents are German - although I was born there, lived there for nearly 10 years and speak the language fluently

I might not make it back to Europe any time soon - but it's a matter of principle with me.

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