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Lions Tours - home team!?


Los Lover

One of the gayest aspects of Rugby 2004 (just behind 987 other glitches and inadequacies) was that if you did the Lions tour you had to be them...But they are my sworn enemy as a kiwi.

With the tour on our shores this very year - can we finally and rightfully be the team that IS toured and not just be this bunch of guys from countries (that I love and respect) which I want to thrash soundly not be amongst!!

This is important.

People are saying eberything has been covered.

I think there are many, many issues that have not.

(see also my analogue concerns)

Don't get me wrong tho...looking forward to game (but devastated if analogue - just can't get around that fact)
WTF!! (times 300)


Thanks for telling me tho.....


Something as simple as moving the controller to the other side for each game is all that would have been required. This implementation (or lack of I should say) comes fown to disrespect for the smaller nations than the UK (the bulk of the sales I would have thought) b/c we don't matter.

That may seem a little churlish (!) but hey, if something that friggin' simple isn't done - why shouldn't I feel this way!!?

We r hosting the tournament this year!! Hello-ooo-o....
The only thing you could do then is play the Lions in "one off" games at various home venues, with the home sides.....not the same but still gives you a chance to defeat the Lions with a super 12 side etc.
So I can play tests against the Lions even though they are not an international side (you know)..??
I think the Lions can be unlocked for play in friendlies. So if you really wanted to you could simulate your own little tour.
Thanks -JJ-

I am sort of appeased....SORT OF.

Damn it! Provincial clashes, the third test decider and a packed Eden Park.....there are tears in my eues...

Well, not really, but if I was really drunk on gin there might be...
You know, I never completed a Lions tour in Rugby 2004.

It's also worth mentioning that I only played half of one game before realising it would be too painful to have to commit to such a tour on Rugby 2004.

But why oh why can't they have you playing as the host nation?

At first glance, it's appears easier to just make you in charge of one team (i.e. the Lions) so you can move players around, deal with injuries, etc -- and that might not be as easy to transfer over if you are effectively in charge of quite a few teams, especially Super 12 teams who have a baring on their National Side. When the Blues play the Lions, let's say Spencer gets injured badly and next week he's supposed to be starting for the All Blacks . . . type of thing, how far can the stats reach (?).

Nope. Still don't see why it couldn't be in there. This stinks if it's true.
You could just shift the controller over every game and then at the end when they said - "Dude you lost every game even to BOP..."

You could laugh maniacally at the screen - cue:


B/C you'd actually have clean swept them (yes that includes the BOP upset victory with a hundred and twenty metre break-out try.....(just doging the dead-ball line and then going upstairs on the finish at the other end!))


******** - why can't you do that??

PS - I am actually a Blues fan...but you couldn't like the BOP?

PPS - Why the f*** isn't Sivivatu's pace right up there? What is it? - He's as quick as Rokocoko....
dam can`t believe this how could they not give us the option to play against the Lions first thing yet that has ****** me off on this game

That and a DEFINITIVE comment on whether the ball can be popped in the tackle - even if it is only occasionally. That all comes down to skill.

Also - Just b/c I am hammering a few faults here is just because I am DYING to play the damn thing really!! LOL!!

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