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Listened to our podcasts? Leave feedback here


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Mar 28, 2010
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This thread can be used for leaving feedback on any of the podcasts we produce. You can find a list of our podcasts, as well as links to download or play them, at:


Please leave feedback on this thread - and remember to mention which podcast you are referring to (the year and number).

Thanks :)
Always enjoy the podcasts. I wonder if the sound quality could be improved somewhat?

What sort of post-processing is done to reduce the background noise?

Edit. Had a play with Audacity (free audio editing program). Did three steps to get this result. 1. removed the background noise. 2. applied a -20dB dynamic range compressor effect to equalize the volume of the different voices (somewhat), and 3. normalized the podcast to -3dB. Really didn't take long, and that was including downloading and learning how to use Audacity. Could do it again in a couple of mins.

Edit. give me a second to find a host that works.

EDIT (Getofmeland) - Downloaded so we can compare, cheers for doing it

Does that sound a little better?
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Edit. Not sure what the weird bleeping is in the background when SelimNiai speaks. I haven't got the skill/time to remove that.

Its my crappy, standard mic. I have ordered a gaming-style headset and mic so next one I'm on we shouldnt have this issue.

Big question though Dull, did the beeping make more sense than I did? :p

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