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If someone is playing the game with one could they list some of the controls for me?

Cheers big ears.
Have you checked Sidhe forums? They've got a whole bunch of controllers on there with the controls.
link works here is what is written. i think parore might find this useful as well as I think he has one of these x-box360 controllers

Configuring Your Xbox 360 Controller For Windows
Last week I wrote about my recent purchase of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows, most notably, the lack of support from Microsoft and the inability to tweak it. Not that this should come as a surprise to any Windows user. But still quite disappointing.

Since then, I’ve received quite a few hits from people searching phrases like “xbox 360 controller deadzoneâ€, “configure xbox 360 controller for windowsâ€, “xbox 360 controller for windows mappingâ€, etc. Needless to say, I’m not the only one been who’s looking for a solution. Luckily, thanks to a few (very lengthy) anonymous tips, that solution has been found!

Pinnacle Game Profiler has come to the rescue. Developed by KALiNKOsoft, it’s an advanced (yet very easy to use) shareware application that adds gamepad/joystick support to any game and let’s you tweak your controller and emulate keyboard and mouse movements to a tee. I was playing Need For Speed Most Wanted within 10 minutes from the time I installed the software. Mind you, I had to completely setup the controller, so in future, that time will be cut in half, at least.

Initial Setup
As soon as you fire up Pinnacle Game Profile, it will recognize your Xbox 360 controller and start the collaboration wizard. This is a very simple process in which you will be prompted to move the analog sticks in certain directions and also give you the option to adjust the deadzone for them. That’s right - one of the first things you do is fix the near non-existent deadzone. I knew from this point, Pinnacle was the answer I was looking for.

Creating A Configuration
Once you add a game profile, you can assign a configuration to it. The software is set up so you can make generic configurations (such as driving, first person shooter, etc.) but unfortunately, there’s no standard key config that all developers stick to, so you’ll most likely be creating a custom configuration for each game. But no worries, once you setup an Image Guide, it’ll be a cinch. And to help you along, I’ve exported the Xbox 360 controller Image Guide I created. You can download it here. Simply unpack the file, click the import button from the configuration screen and select the ‘xbox360.igd’ file that was inside the package. Now you’ll see an image of the 360 controller and all of the buttons, analog sticks and triggers are named. This should make the process of setting up a new configuration pretty quick for you. If you click a button on the controller, it will be highlighted on the Image Guide and an options menu will appear for the button you’ve selected. From here, you can setup your Commands - which is how you map the buttons to the keyboard and/or mouse. For more info on setting up Commands, hit F1 and the FAQ will open up which contains all the info you’ll need. You might need to go into the game and write down the control scheme, if you don’t have the manual to refer to.

Once you’ve completed the process for one game, you’ll be able to whip off others in no time at all.

One thing I’d like to point out - you’ll need to either clear or disable the gamepad/controller configuration within your game to avoid conflicts. I didn’t do this initially with NFS Most Wanted and noticed some buttons doing two separate actions. This is why. Once I cleared the controller config in the options menu, I was good to go! Some games don’t have have a clear option, but you can usually select which input device you want to use. In this case, set it to keyboard and mouse.

So there you have it! If you don’t mind shelling out 20 bucks, you can actually make use of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows you just spent $60 on. If you’re a cheap ass, you’ll have to wait until MS gets around to finishing the job. Chances are, whatever they put out won’t be nearly as customizable as Pinnacle Game Profiler, so you might be better off just buying it. Your call - I’ve already purchased my license and couldn’t be happier with it. And they didn’t pay me say that!
hmm i wonder if that will work for other controllers

wasn't there a similar program that people used for rugby 2005?
i have no idea mate it might or might not. i am sweet anyway figured out where all the buttons are and what they do on my controller.
yeah same here my controller is ghey though

my pass left is r1 my pass right is r2 fend is l1 sidestep is l2

and my speed button would be the sqare on a ps2 controller and tackle the circle, which i found hard to hold people down in the tackle and do big hits and stuff to start with.

still havn't figured out how to jump though i havn't read what key it was

just found out how to shoulder barge the buttons i have for that are good as long as i have a decent forward (hindmarsh is great for that)
Do any of your controllers sometimes go schziophrenic in the Rugby League 2 menu?
yeah i have one that does it but thats just the bat config that mine has in the game controllers thing in the control panel (i have to set it up almost every time after i restart windows. i have 2 controllers the same and it only does it on this one controller)
yeah my buttton are bit scrwed as well similar to yours woosassh. r2 is pass right rl pass left then fend is L1 sidestep L2 the worst thing is that my sprint button is on the bottom right face button and tackle and change player are the top 2 face buttons so running on defence is hard but on attack its awesome. i can only seem to punt as well as i have no idea where the other buttons for kicks are or how to do them. to do shoulder barges i guess will be similiar to dummy half scoots that took me awhile to figure out. jumping am not sure but i think its the s button the one you use to do kickoff and penalty kicks with which is the bottom left face button for me.
aye but oh well hopefully a patch comes out to fix this situation especially for pc keyboard users who imo have it the worst. if no patch does come out then so be it I still enjoy the game and am learning how to play with the controls.

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