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Hi All

I wondered if anyone might be able to design an image for me?

What I want is the word “sports†with ideally a piece of sporting equipment as each of the letters i.e. “O†a football and perhaps “S†as a deformed cricket bat.

Failing that â€" if it is too hard- perhaps a fill of the letter with images of a piece of equipment (i.e. tennis balls for one, cricket balls for another)

The font style is not that relevant- whichever looks best!

See here for further info:

The simple way would be to get a picture of each, make the pictures very small and make them tiled of sorts then cut out a letter from each piece of equipment.

I'll do it for you in two Thursday's time if you want. I'm really busy with exams at the moment :(

Sorry, my explanation of how to do it is really **** but in my mind I know how it can be done so if you can wait a week and a half, I'll be glad to do it for you :)
Thanks for the offer.

Ill give it a go myself and ill get in touch with you if i need you to give it a shot!

You're welcome mate. Good luck.

Just PM me if you'd like me to do it.

Post your progress! :D
I will give it a shot, but what sort of size are you looking at? Also do you want a background or just text??
Hi guys

No background....
say 6cm x 4cm...?

I will give it a shot, but what sort of size are you looking at? Also do you want a background or just text??

Here's v1 /\ & below is v1 with bevel \/


Was hard to get it at your size, so I made it wider. Any changes you want made, let me know.
WOW- thats absolutely brilliant!
was it difficult to do?

as i might use this on a site i dont think ill be allowed to have images of companys logos!
could you explain to me how you did it?

I used a Honda replica font in the word 'sports' so I can change that also if you want me to.

I used Adobe Photoshop CS2 to do that logo. I was finding it hard to get the images inside the text, but I found a tutorial on the net to do it easier. The tutorial I used was here. I just used that technique on each image, it was just a case of resizing the image to fit inside the text.
the font is cool

cheers- ill check out that link and maybe ill be able to do it myself!
I got that font from dafont site. The majority of the fonts are free, just check on the right hand side of a particular font, it'll say free. To load fonts (that will work programs like Photoshop, MS Word etc), Download them to a folder in My Documents, extract the font, copy it, then go to Start>Control Panel>Fonts. Paste the font into the Fonts folder, you only need to paste the font.

Good luck.

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