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Lomu and shane warne cricket 99 on sale in nZ



This is for all nz people with a pc. Just got jonah lomu rugby and shane warne cricket 99 for $15 yes thats right bothfor $15 got them from central park interactive in this pack called the ultimate championship quad pack it has 2 other games with the pack. Not sure how much stock there is or if you get at it else where buti would get in quick as it could disappear fast. I never got to play lomu or shane warne cricket when they were released and thoguht i would never get to play them until i saw this pack today. If you have never playedthsesgames or lost yourcds i would strongly recomend you get this pack.
well jsut did a google serach and shane warne cricket will run under windows xp but you have to download a patch for it to work.

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