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Male grooming.

I know it has more to do with narcissism - which isn't any better).


Hold right up there soldier nothing wrong with a bit of flamboyant narcissism.

You know what Ghandi said all those years ago , "if you've got it flaunt it."
I know this is an overtly manly forum.. And I'm nothing more than a soft little back , but I've a predicament.

Being a very vain person I'm at a crossroads here , in the last year my 20th on this earth , I've developed a fine layer of hair on my chest and stomach.. And this is something I do not enjoy whatsoever. Not only does it hinder tanning in the midday sun but it significantly detracts from muscular definition , which at this time is key to life.

Now , how much of a nancy boy would it make me to actually go and veet this off. It's quite unlike me to be doing such a thing , being a meat eating , veg hating , gun shooting , beer drinking adult male... However... It's hindering the gains.

What do I do brethren...

A complete and utter nancy boy
funny thread.

Aaahhh I dunno...make dread locks out of em and attach them to your facial hair.
Hey, I know that - I like Steve Walsh now, don't I? ;)


Don't we all?
We've a ref floating around here that's actually a doppelgänger for Steve Walshe , it's fantastic.

I feel like a total pro when he's reffing , he gave my my first sending off at adult level too , top man.

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