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Mark Richardson retires



The career of a bowler turn batsmen has ended. Richardson wasn't really known for his flash attacking skills like the Clarke's and Gilly's of this world but what he brought to the game of cricket was laughter. SOme of his more famous incidence like when he had cramp in his leg and screamed some werid sound while falling to the ground and gripping his leg in pain. Then you have that incident where he saw the indian players duck because bees were flying on the pitch and richardson followed them because he thought it was some religious thing. And the last thing he seemed to add to his endless display of laughs was his slowest race between each country. His record of two wins against Danish Kaneria and and very slow Lehmann was downed by his thrashings from Ashley Giles and the undercover Neil McKenzie.
It was time for richardson to retire because he has lost desire but he has added so much needed laughs to cricket.
Yes just one correction, he should of actually beat Giles, i saw it on Cricket Company, he dived over the line in front of Giles but then they said diving was not allowed! Lol!

Hardly a thrashing
He was a character alright, did you see the incident at the basin reserve when he hit for a single (their was 2 in it) ran down the other end and did a practice slog and he threw his bat like 20m down towards the sight screen! astle was the other batsman and he was already halfway back for the 2nd and he had to yell NOooooOOO.

I'll try and get a vid of it, i have it on my comp, including falling on his arse when fielding when it was slippery and the famous cramp
lol omg what a character i would love to see that.
I didn't see the races first i heard of it was when lehmann entered but no diving lol that is a new one. Quite surpising it was that close however Giles i thought was fast given his size but i guess Richardson may have been hiding some tricks
lol yea everytime the replay that i laugh the sound he makes and then his amazing ability to flip his body with cramp. That puts the icing on the cake.
Originally posted by aussie1st@Dec 12 2004, 03:22 PM
lol yea everytime the replay that i laugh the sound he makes and then his amazing ability to flip his body with cramp. That puts the icing on the cake.
And then flawlessly ground the bat in the crease!
Not a bad feat for a NZ to finish his career with an average of 40 something
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@Dec 13 2004, 04:46 PM
Jamie How and Matthew Sinclair to be NZs next opening pair.
Skippy's already there, and How is in stunning form... (skippy isn't bad either getting 100 today)

If Papps or McIntosh get in i will be gutted
From what i read in the Sunday news Papps is favoured by Richardson himself but will be interesting seeing who the black caps go with.
Also it seemsl ike Richardson won't be lost from cricket fully with him joining the Sky sports team, can't wait to see how he commentates as all the ex players gone commentators have done pretty well.
Well, in recent domestic form it has to be How and Sinclair. H and S got hundreds for CD on the opening day, where as Papps got 3 then a duck and McIntosh got 4 and a duck.