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Mentally challenged Argentinian Prop



So I recently got foxtel in order to see a lot of the npc and world cup, all of next years coverage, but i also get to see cool rugby talk shows as well.

i was watching a rugby show that had a segment about a mentally challenged argentinian guy who hung around his local club as the water boy, when one of the pumas players offered him a challenge.... make the local side and i'll give you my pumas shirt. the guy trained hard and soon enough was chosen to play for his local side as a prop, winning the challenge and getting the pumas shirt.

it was a trully moving story, which i enjoyed watching, but then i wondered what the moral to this story was, and then it hit me...

any retard can play as a prop :p
any retard can play as a prop :p
Well considering how much I hated playing as a prob as a kid, your probably right....but thats a terrible thing to say, very dissappointed...

The morale of the story is that Rugby is a peoples game and a story of human strength...I'm going to call this water boy up so he can crunch you... :)

PS. Actually, are you sure his name wasn't either Matt Dunning or Al Baxter?

PPS. Can we get him to take over from Matt Dunning or Al Baxter?
How do you do lineout calls? Sign langauge?

im not in the dev-team :p
but I think they use combinations of feet and hand signals...
same as at my side:
  • SH will make the call with combinations of movement from his arms, hands and feet.
  • Jumper wil shout with no meaning behind it.
I could just hear the helen keller moan.... "OSIEFUOWTHA!"... if anyone's heard the joke about helen keller's dog running away, you'll know what i'm talking about.

Wow I'm just a total dick tonight.

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