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TOP GEAR: The argentinian issue.


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Sep 9, 2012
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I'm not a fan of this show, but I have some information on previous problems they (I mean the presenters) had in other countries. I totally disapprove the way they were treated in my country, but admittedly they did a pretty basic and stupid provocation.
Despite this, I would like to know what is the opinion people have of these persons in the UK.
Very much a fan of this show and do believe this was an error rather than deliberate. I think the reaction was worse than I expected but fully believe that due to the reaction, which some at the BBC would have forseen, that is was not a deliberate act. Im not getting drawn into the inevitable arguement that will sprout about the Falklands and who theyre part of etc.

Clarkson has always been a marmite figure, some like him, others despise him. I am a fan myself, he doesnt offend me and I know most of what he says is hyperbole. Others hate him. All I'll say is tat Top Gear is as popular and sucessfull as it is is partly down to him.

As for the programme itself I enjoyed it, it showed a stunning part of the world we dont see much on TV.
That was hilarious, then just fun, then ashaming, and then really ashaming. For both of us.

First: there are proves presented by the argentinian ambassador in London, Clarkson and co. actually bought three sets of plates for every car. Good for them, they had the reaction they wanted, as they did with Mexico, as they did in USA.

Second: it was a stupid reaction because of that: they gave a sensacionalist program the violence they needed to sell a show which, BTW, is not as good as it used to be, for example in the Bolivia/ Brasil/ Chile special.

Third: it was not an offence: plates can't be offensive, morons.

The best of Argentina is that is a country with no people in it, and they still don't understand it. Sorry for them. It's possible to go miles and miles with no human contact, the dream of a misantropist, a nature that makes you feel like a poor beast in a world you don't deserve to live in and no people in it.

Everything very laughable, I miss another Steve Coogan piece to remark it.
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Some beautiful scenery but apart from that............really rather boring and only continued to watch as there was nowt else on!!
In general I thought the program itself was mostly good fun with some great scenes.

With regards to the numberplate and how it ended, I think it was shameful how Argentinians reacted. I believe the plate was intentionally chosen and it was a childish wind up but that's all it was, childish. The reaction was WAY beyond what should happen. The thing that made it most irritating is the staggering level of hypocrisy from Argentina. Considering Argentina went to a FIFA friendly and unfurled this banner: http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images...6/14/1402737495872/Argentina-Malvinas-012.jpg

and in the lead up to the olympics made a video of an Argentina athelete training on the graves of those who died during the war on the Falklands: http://www.theguardian.com/uk/video/2012/may/04/argentinian-falkland-islands-advertisement-video

I find it incredibly hypocritical for them to then get this angry over a simple number plate. Sorry but Argentina are in no position whatsoever to try to act like they have the moral high ground here. Especially when you then add in to the fact that the Falklands war happened because of a military junta trying to distract the populace after it failed to start a war with Chile, it really is staggering the reaction Argentina gives any time anything related to the Falklands comes up. If I'm brutally honest, I think Argentina as a nation needs to grow up with regards to the Falklands and start acting more diplomatic.

TL;DR, Top Gear were childish and most likely it was intentional but the Argentina reaction and general attitude regarding the Falklands is shameful and completely out of proportion.
pretty basic and stupid

Pretty much sums up their characters on the show, to be fair.

Watched the first episode of the two parter but thought it was really dull so didn't bother with the 2nd half. I normally quite enjoy the specials, as well.
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i sill find it funny when people say it wasn't deliberate :D
Yeah, I thought it was a bit stupid when the show came out and said "Hey now, it clearly wasn't deliberate, that license plate was registered to that car for decades before we bought it!".

As if they didn't buy it because of the license plate, and it was all just some crazy misunderstanding.
I have complicated feelings about Top Gear. I dislike Jeremy Clarkson immensely. He's crass and obnoxious and one of the last people I'd go for a pint with. Still, he can make me laugh when he isn't being an idiot, and the show makes me laugh too.

Whether or not the licence plate incident was offensive is a little irrelevant. It was legal. If someone offends you, peacefully protest.

That said, I don't think Argentina should be painted with the brush of a few hundred violent protesters. I'd be interested to know what the national mood of Argentina is towards it though?
I do think that Argentina's reactions to the Falklands is still amazingly over the top in general.

TBH Top Gear could of done a lot worse things to try and get a reaction this was one of the most subtle things they have done imo.

Top Gear has gone down hill a bit in my views for the last year or so anyway.

As said it was fairly boring TBH.
Curiously enough, the media cares because TG is big in those terms: people has more important things to take care of.

Another thing is they didn't put the plates just anywere, they did it in the part of the country closer to falklands.

In my generation nobody gives a damn thing about the conflict. I remember Borges said "we should give it to Bolivia, so they can have a port"
While the manifestations of the inhabitants of the Argentine South are grotesque and reprehensible, the causes, however, are essentially "defensive". If you talk to them they are going to detail a series of historical events that would reflect a "impossible to hide interest" British by the Patagonia Argentina and its resources.
-British invasions of the Río de la Plata [1806-1807] (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_invasions_of_the_Río_de_la_Plata)
-The purchase of huge tracts of land in Patagonia by corporations that would actually be facades of the British Crown.
-The Roca-Runciman Treaty (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roca–Runciman_Treaty)
-The possibility that a conflict around the world, a British base in the South Atlantic, bring the war to this land (historically neutral before the world wars)
- ....
- ....
- ....
Something that I find about top gear is that when it first started it was about car reviews which the general could afford and there was plenty of the £1000 challenges or the amphibious cars now they very rarely do challenges like that and review cars which no one can afford and tbh the specials have got more and more boring and the special the other night was just a big dissapointment.
Like others found the scenary nice but otherwise the show was boring think they are running out of ideas.

The number plates were delibarate that much is obvious.

Clarkson is someone who makes me laugh a lot more than he upsets me and he is a good counterbalance to the rest of the Gardianist BBC.

As for the reaction in Argentina all I can say is get a life children, its over 30 years ago now and if you still feel so angry about it you should have fought harder in the first place.
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