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The Biking thread


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Oct 17, 2013
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For discussion on recreational biking, but also if you cycle to work, for fitness - beats the bike in the gym where you don't go anywhere, just fun. Do you have a racing bike, mountain, or tempted to take the plunge with e-bikes (legal ones of course)? Definitely noticed I have lost weight around my waistline, since taking up cycling, in conjunction with eating healthier and other forms of exercise.

Good to get out on the bike instead of being stuck in the car and traffic jams, but that means finding safe off road cycling routes. How is the cycling infrastructure where you live? E.g. started following London cycle routes on YouTube on recommended ones in London:

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I live in Cambridge the cycle capital of the UK. It's promoted heavily here with lots of infrastructure on the roads, storage options etc. Also i believe the students aren't allowed cars so are reliant on bikes. All in all it's a good thing. It makes you very bike aware as a motorist as they are everywhere. The only down side is the amount that ignore red lights and have no lghts at night is ridiculous. I'll see probably 50 plus a day when in the city.
If I'm going through a city at night I'll turn off my steady light so not to blind people but keep my rear and front flashing lights on.
If I'm going through a city at night I'll turn off my steady light so not to blind people but keep my rear and front flashing lights on.
I have not yet ridden at night especially
On roads in my town. Although have bought a fluorescent jacket so I am more visible on the roads, so may try it at some point. The lights on my bike are automatic. Although during the day I turn mine off.

One of my main concerns is security- loads of theft of bikes here and police are sadly useless in this regard and only good for getting the crime number for insurance purposes.
Got a couple of reasonable road bikes for fitness. Plus an indoor smart bike.

Hadn't ridden for years, and never seriously, until I asked Santa for a bike in 2010 with the mid life crisis type aim of riding LEJOG the following summer which I did in 11 days. Not pulled a stunt like that since, but am a regular rider and fully paid up MAMIL.

Live in Surrey where the roads are crap, near the Kent border where the roads are crapper.

Work in London where the number of moronic cyclists is insane. Sympathy is limited if you're riding without a helmet and gazing at a phone. Regularly yell at cyclists who don't think traffic lights and road signs apply to them.

Don't use the bikes for any practical purposes but would get a basic or cheap second hand hack bike if I was riding to the pub or shops.

As a recreational rider life on 2 wheels is mostly great. Bar motorists, p*nctures, bad weather……On the plus side the amount of kit and new tech that you absolutely could not possibly do without is virtually limitless.
i have a cheaper bike that I should be using for commutes but most the time I just use my gravel bike and take it in the building with me cause it's a little zippier. If I were to ride to work I'd use the cheap one but even then I'm scared of it getting stolen. I got it for school and while I was there theft was non existent.

I do a fair amount of my riding on the trainer just cause of work and the fact the days are 6 hours long right now.
Yeah, I still don't feel confident leaving my e-bike out locked in public even though I have two d-locks, a cable, GPS tracking and is fully insured.

Loving the e-bike because I feel I can go further and also take on more punishing hills around me. Finding battery range is around 60miles but like the phone rarely use it below 30% and charge to c.80%.

Roads around me are crap quality as well, and my mistrust in the minority of drivers, who don't know or care about the updated HW code has made me wear a camera when riding on the roads, hence why I try to find safe cycle routes in Herts. But still need to vary it to keep things interesting.

Written to my local MP about the lack of cycle infrastructure and government lack of public awareness of updated HW rules but got a BS reply they fully endorse the updated HW codes rules and the infrastructure was the CC's responsibility.

Sadly other cyclists are also made up of inconsiderate peeps as well. I just remind myself I am not one of them. Caught one Tesco worker riding down the wrong way down the high street staring at this phone and called him out. Got told to F off. Luckily caught him on camera and got his picture. Reported him to the main Tesco branch and his manager said she would speak to him. Came across him later on at the self service til, but didn't say anything and not come across him on my rides since.

This is irritating from pedestrians when walking in cycle lanes.

And this from other cyclists.

Oh dear. Crazy to cycle on a motorway. Must have had a death wish. But this seems to be only time when police will pull over illegal e-bikes and e-scooters.

Four cyclists have been fined after they were filmed riding through a red light in front of an unmarked police car.

The cyclists were each fined £50 after the incident in Esher, Surrey, on Saturday.

Surrey Police filmed the incident using a dashcam and posted the video on social media.

A spokesman said the cyclists were warned they had put themselves in danger of a collision and injury.

Good but... only £50?
Police fixed penalty notice. So the cyclists must have accepted it so as not to be taken to court where apparently they could get fined up to £1k and 6 penalty points on their drivers licence by a magistrate.

This is another factor they need to improve in my area - good bike racks.
I'm in the middle of building myself a new bike. I grew up lusting after mid-late 90's and early 00's mountain bikes, especially Kona's. It was the ultimate weight weenie era which has still stuck with me.

I've already got a couple of '95 Kona's, an AA hardtail and Cindercone Singlespeed for commuting. The latest build is along the same lines as the Cindercone, but with an almost dream speclist. '96 Kilauea frame, early 00's XTR, custom billet chainring, some gold bling etc. I still need to build the wheels, which I'm tempted to do myself as the last time I had a wheel built it was very expensive - dying art I suppose.

Part of the fun for me is tracking down all the parts which are becoming scarce. It's probably taken me 3 years on and off to get to this stage and I've still got a few pieces to track down (e.g. some early Ti Eggbeater pedals). I'll probably refrain from adding up how much it's cost, well into 4 figures and too much for an old steel framed Kona probably!


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Finding new cycle routes off the beaten track. Found one which goes under an A road and the M1 leading to a bridle way.

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