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The Last of Us TV show

Right finished the last episode last night. Loved the series. Without doubt the best adaptation of a video game I have seen. Of course it does not and will never beat the game and the emotional impact it had on me when I first played it, but didn't disappoint and they got the casting right of the main characters and captured the big moments of the game. Pedro and Bella take a bow.

I think it helped massively having Druckmann involved.

Also loved how they managed to include the voice actors in different roles.

Emmies, Globes and BAFTAs surely on their way.

Part 2 on its way but probably should and could make 2 series out of it whilst they are working on part 3 of the game. Hope they don't do a GOT.
Binge watched the last 3 episodes today. Excellent series and set up nicely for S2.
Bella Ramsey is some actress. Pedro was almost the support in the final episodes.
The TV show is as much Druckmann/Sony getting peeps who haven't played the game into the TLOU universe as well. I believe the PC version of the rebuilt game and DLC is out already.

There are things I really enjoyed playing the game which couldn't be replicated in this adaptation. The main one being just going through people's houses, their stuff left behind /notes to loved ones, crafting weapons and choosing when to use them or use stealth to save them.

Series 2 will be interesting how they cover it all. I think it's way too big to cover in 9 episodes. So either they make more and longer episodes or milk it and cover it over 2 series. That game was controversial for its plot and pacing and if part 1 was relatively straightforward, then part 2 will be relatively more complicating to cover.

No doubt then a third or fourth series will then be made but I've read part 3 of the game's script was only completed 2 years ago and there's been a big delay between first two games of 7 years , which if replicated would mean 2027 for part 3. Personally, I would prefer the game to come out before the release of the TV series.

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