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Went for the low-hanging fruit again

Max Power

Academy Player
Aug 3, 2022
Put my empty can of coke in the regular bin rather than the recycling yesterday.

Roommate starts banging on about saving the planet, a simple "ok, fatty" deflates him like a balloon.

He packed a few pounds on over the summer so he knows he has no comeback. Not wanting to escalate things further he just walks off licking his wounds.

I've learned that all betas are insecure about their appearance and have been raised in a soft society where it's frowned upon to 'shame' anyone for their self-inflicted flaws.

I take full advantage of this and get the easy win every time. "Fatty", "Chrome dome", "Ginger nut", "Four eyes", "Chicken arms" - all some of my favourites.

Not one of these has ever stood up for themselves when confronted with the truth. This is what happens when society embraces soy boy culture.
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To be honest "ginger nut" is a bit tame, I prefer "toilet cube smelling anemic window licker"

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