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Mike Phillips to Ospreys?




Ok, so there's been rumours that Mike Phillips has been offered £180,000 a year contract to join the Ospreys. Justin Marshall i believe signed a 2 year contract, so he'll be there until 2008 and Jason Spice is most definately out of a contract this year and i've heard rumours that he could be moving to the Blues.
So if Mike Phillips comes to the Ospreys, he'll probably be starting scrum half against Justin Marshall who will be in the wings like Jason Spice is this year.

What are your views on this guys?
Should Mike Phillips take the move?
Personally, as an Ospreys fan i would love to see him at our club. He is a great scrum half in my eyes and he'll help the Ospreys game so much more. He breaks the gain line and to get Ospreys on the front foot is where we are at our strongest. We're an attacking team, we don't tend to favour the boot and we have fit forwards. With Mike Phillips he acts like another back rower.
He would be immensely helpful on our mission to make a 1/4 heineken cup spot next year.

So, thoughts on this?
mike phillips shld stay where he is, he look sgreat in a blues jersey, i think marshall is way better, but i still like mike hillips
i hope we get phillips, then we can loose that ball hogging dead wood marshall!!
Stories I have heared today that Mike Phillips is staying with the Blues!, however if he goes its a big blow for Cardiff
I don't think it will be very fair on cardiff to lose Phillips, but I think Ospreys need him.
As good a player as Marshal once was, he isn't that anymore.
He likes to direct the play and that ruins it for Hook when he's at no.10.
Hook needs to run the game his way and with Marshal at no.9 he likes taking the command, leaving very little up to Hook.
When Gav was at fly half Marshall was good for him, because gavin's not the operating type (Well, he's not a fly half, full stop) but Hook CAN command the game.

It could be said that it would bode better for Phillips - internationally speaking.
If he plays outside, what is more than likely to be, Wales' future no.10 and plays well then Gareth Jenkins - or whoever is coach in years to come - will have a hard time not picking Phillips over Peel/Cooper/anyone else.

It's a tough call for mike.
There's a lot of money on the table as well.
Good news for the Ospreys.
Not so for Cardiff.

If the blues don't get Jason Spice who will they have as their first choice no.9?

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